Three Weavers x 3 = 9

Three Weavers is hitting their 9th Anniversary on November 4th and they have laid out how they brewed Time is a Flat Circle which is a double dry-hopped Cold IPA.

“To even call it “double dry-hopped” seems a bit of an understatement because our brewers have added ridiculous amounts of hops during the following processes…

1. Mash

2. First runnings

3. Bittering

4. Flavor

5. Knock out

6. Whirlpool

7. Dry-hop 1

8. Dry-hop 2 (we’re at this step today)

…And you might ask yourself, “Gee, that sounds fun but *which* hops did they use?” Welllllll…

1. Simcoe Cryo

2. Strata

3. Citra

4. Idaho Gem

5. Mosaic Cryo

6. Citra

7. Chinook

8. Cryo Pop”