1st Visit – Stateside Crafts

Certain L.A. ‘burbs have beer everywhere. Torrance, DTLA, El Segundo has three and Long Beach has always been a player as well.

One aspect of a beer-y city are secondary spots like food pods and bottle shops. This is all prelude to an introduction to Stateside Crafts on Atlantic in north Long Beach.

Bottle shop and tasting room. Always good to have.

I headed south one Saturday to peek inside…

…and I found a lovely curated spot with pantry snack items on one side and in the middle with a cooler on the right side as you enter. Being mere blocks from Ambitious Ales and Liberation Brewing meant those were represented but not competing with them. I found a Crowns & Hops beer that I had not seen before along wit a Riip IPA but overall the selection was smaller than Hop Merchants, Talon and especially Sunset Beer which is my marker for SKUs.

But, if you are in the neighborhood, check it out. They certainly had a different choice than my regular haunts which is a good sign plus, snacks is a great thing to grab too.


The FOMO beer trading crowd was probably out in force when the Anaheim edition of Monkish opened before Christmas. With an appropriately named beer…

I will visit sometime early in 2022 and will report about the 2nd location – 1st visit.

Central Coast 2021 – Final Thoughts

Except for forgetting a four-pack of beer at the hotel upon checking out, this was a great trip. Thanks to the presence and personal preference of my Mom, more wine was had than on past trips which was fun because I got to play the newbie again and just enjoy each glass as opposed to analyzing each beer that comes my way.

Getting to sample a vertical flight of four Anniversary beers from Firestone Walker was great. 24 was my favorite so I will be wanting to revisit that one alongside 25 again.

Of the breweries tasted, Wild Fields was my number 1. My flight was solid up and down. There Does Not Exist was second if just talking about beer and style scope. Silva Brewing’s Rhinestone Red was great but there hours were limited so that made that the only beer.

Both California Coast and Hog Canyon need time to grow and I am excited to try the eponymously names Paso Robles brewing to arrive.

Central Coast 2021 – Day 3

Three breweries. All first visits. All in one day on the Central Coast.

Starting in the middle in Atascadero with Wild Fields Brewing in a strip mall across from a movie theater. I like the post card flight info. Very cool. As you can see from the photo, I went across styles and all were solid and strong. I will look for more cans from them in LA.

Next is the amazing multi-layered California Coast Brewing in Paso Robles. A really cool reclaimed location. Great logo of a growling bear. The beer was at best, uneven. The best was a Belgian Strong ale.

Finally, down to SLO and There Does Not Exist. The beers were interesting with the Hazy DIPA being my favorite. The blended saison and farmhouse ale were a little strange and the signless space was a little cold.

Central Coast 2021 – Day 2

Day 2 was wine day. Tin City then Thacher Winery on winding Vineyard Road. But I did find one brewery to be and one new (to me) brewery as well as a to-go stop at a reliable standby…

Silva Brewing was on a to-go only day, so I picked up their red ale 4-pack to take back to the hotel room to make up for the red ale from Hog Canyon….

…which was fine, made even better by the patio of the Paso Market complex on Spring Street.

Also on Spring Street is but on the southern end is the soon to arrive Paso Robles Brewing. For the next trip.

Central Coast 2021 – Day 1

Fortuitously, Brandon from San Diego Beer News wrote a nice guide to Paso Robles and Atascadero breweries, check it HERE, just before my trip with Mom.

So now I am in the Central Coast drinking beer like a beer traveler!

First visit to Firestone’s main campus in two years and I got to try a flight of anniversary beers. 24 was my favorite.

First visit to Kilokilo Brewing just down the road from FW. Just had time for one beer, the award winning Milk Shaka POG IPA, it was heavy on the lactose and quite sweet. Bought a mixed four-pack of pale ale and IPA for further tasting.


Thanks to a tip from the ever vigilant Josh Lurie, I can now pass on to you the news that a Non-Alcoholic only beverage shop is opening here in Los Angeles.

Actually, Soft Spirits opened on October 9th. So think up some Halloween cocktails that won’t leave you reeling into November. I will visit their Sunset Blvd. storefront and report back as to what beer they have.