A Book & A Beer – Blacktop Wasteland by S.A. Cosby

Some books you have to read with a capital R, others just propel you page by page. Blacktop Wasteland by S.A. Cosby is the latter.

Despite that propulsion, I was left with questions about characters questionable choices throughout the book. As hard as Cosby tries and as hard-headed as main character Beauregard “Bug” Montage is, selling his daddy’s car is so plainly the best course of action that the suffering wife character becomes one dimensional whenever she asks him to sell it.

Damn great name for a lead character though, especially the last name.

Secondly, throwing in with n’er do well or even n’er do the bare minimum Ronnie Sessions is just big stupid.

I can certainly see this as a movie, hopefully a limited series which might be able to flesh characters out more.

Beer wise, the soon-to-open L.A. brewery driven would be a hip choice or head to El Segundo for Upshift Brewing and order either the Usual Suspects Hazy IPA or go bigger to Double Clutch DIPA.

NJ Brewery Tour # 1 – The Seed – A Living Beer Project

Our first stop in the Garden State is The Seed, what they have sub-titled A Living Beer Project. Both really cool brewery names.

Here are some taster flight ideas from this unique brewery….

Poetry in Motion / Full Circle – “A blend of young, aged hop forward, stainless steel saison and mature barrel fermented and aged saison.”

Danko Rye Lager – “Amber lager brewed using 100% Rabbit Hill Farms grains. Brewed to highlight a single rye varietal, Danko rye.”

As Simple As Reflections? Heirloom Corn Lager – “Brewed in collaboration with our dearest friends at Bonn Place Brewing with PA barley and Bloody Butcher corn. Hopped entirely with NJ hops.”

Stay Awhile English Dark Mild – “A beautifully light, crisp, yet full little beer brewed with English pale, brown, amber, and pale chocolate malts. Hopped exclusively with whole cone Goldings. Notes of cleanly interwoven fresh ground coffee, hearth loaves, and the first hoodie evenings of the fall.”

Sour Spell Check

The beer that is close to a Rare Barrel flagship is back. It is hard to spell but Ensorcelled is worth it.  It is a “Dark Sour Aged in Oak Barrels with Raspberries. This years batch is giving chocolate covered raspberries, an enchanting balance of sweet and sour.”

Slauson Brewing

Not much but an Instagram holding spot as of now but it is the first I have heard of this new brewery in planning…

As always, when I hear something new, I will pass it on.


Here is another collaboration beer alert – OG IPA from Kern River Brewing teamed with L.A’s El Segundo Brewing .

The details – “The goal was to wind back the clock to before things got Hazy and celebrate the California IPA before it became known as “West Coast”. Maybe we are just old-fashioned, but we still feel out about the beers people were making decades ago and raise a glass to those O.G. HOP INNOVATORS. with Citra, Centennial and Amarillo hops; piney and dank with lemony citrus notes.”

Proper (seltzer) Glassware

Been a bit since I have talked glassware but with bubbly seltzers and the ranch waters are part of the landscape now and maybe they need the right vessel

Will it improve a sickly sweet seltzter?  Maybe but it might be useful for a G&T or other sparkly cocktail.

Documentary Conditioned

Beer documentaries are always welcome to me which is why I hope the year in a Lambic life movie, Bottle Conditioned is on my list to find. Below is the blurb from the production…

“This film chronicles an entire year of lambic production, while getting to know the brewers and blenders in the Zenne River Valley of Belgium. Bound by a common passion for lambic beer, their approach and ideologies differ when it comes to upholding traditional methods of brewing and protecting this heritage. Moreover, with the recent rush in demand for this beer, new lambic brewers and blenders are emerging- something inconceiveable ten years ago- and they’re pushing the bounderies of tradition. This leaves the question: what does the future hold for this community, in a region defined by its traditions?”

Smog City – Part 1 – Cherry Nerd

Cool TV show callback from Smog City Brewing with Krieks & Geeks.

Here is the description of this Cellar Series beer, “This oak-aged saison is all about fruit! Deliciously crisp, dry, and tart is the name of the game in this 5.6% beauty. Our little nod to fruity lambic beers from Belgium, we incorporated heaps of Balaton and Montmorency cherries to sweeten up and balance out the saison funk.”