Three of Roses

L.A. is lucky to get Wayfinder Beer shipments sent from the Rose City. That is my transition to this love letter of a beer to Portland, Three of Roses which is a “An unapologetic rustic lager with subtle botanical notes of juniper berries and

In a divided country it is good to see a little civic pride smack dab on your beer label.

More Snow

Sierra Nevada has done a couple different Snow Cones. If memory serves, there was a White IPA and Belgian one previously.

Now there is a tropical Snow Cone…

…and it’s a lovely gesture for a retiring member of the SN team too.


Just to throw another number at you. Enegren Brewing is now up to # 17 in their Single Hop Pilsner Series #17. And the hop is still so new that it does not have a name. It is HBC 1134 a “new experimental hop bred in the Yakima Valley. It is an American twist on classic noble hop flavors, making this perfect for a German Style Pilsner with noble elements and flavors of floral, woody aromatic, herbal, and a hint of citrus.”

Washington State Brewery Tour # 2 – Human People Beer

Our second stop in Washington State is a little town named Seattle where we will find Human People Beer. There is a Modern Times lineage and hop farm experience in the trio behind the brewery.  

Tim Kamolz and Andrew Schwartz come from Modern Times while Mallorie King has the agricultural background. 

Human People Beer will be tenants in a project called the West Canal Yards in Seattle, Washington with a hopeful summer 2024 opening.  First beers may be available before then as is often the case.


Firestone Walker is adding a hoppy beer back into the mix that is neither a pilsner or hazy, rather an XPA.

Here are the specs, “Firestone XPA is built around New Zealand’s Nelson hop with its grapefruit and tropical Sauvignon Blanc qualities, all backed up with a dollop of classic Mosaic hops. The resulting beer offers a trifecta of drinkability: crisp, hoppy.”


If saving money is on your 2024 agenda, then the Pintlife Passport might help out. $25 gets you super discounted / nearly free beers. If you get 4 stamps, that would pay back that initial cost and any beers past that are essentially free.

The participating breweries are not bad, there are a few non-brewing participants and it is primarily South Bay centric but even with only 10+ months left, it is pretty doable.

Capital of Craft

I have not seen a Brewers Guild with a podcast but The San Diego guild has just started The Capital of Craft.  It is “a podcast that focuses solely on the San Diego beer industry.”

According to the podcast description it is “Curated for industry professionals, we will cover topics specific to our city and provide relevant conversations with guests from all walks.”

I have listened to episode 1 about distribution and though it may be a bit deep in the weeds but craft beer fans should be aware of what happens to get local beer to you. Learning about shipping rates alone is an interesting facet of the beer business.

I will be following to see what guests and topics come next.

Bamberg and Beyond

There are a plethora of both good and bad beer guides out there for when craft beer fans go a’ travelin’.  But I thought this post had a really good extension past just the city center out into the surrounding areas.

It so happens this city is Bamberg in Germany, famed for its rauchbiers but the point stands for any good beer city.  We should be looking a little outside the bubble for brewery gems.

Check out the recommendations HERE !