Sweet Sixteen Brewery # 1 – 1912 Brewing

The quick among you will be able to guess the mis-direction once I say that 1912 Brewing is based on Tucson, Arizona. No, not talking about the Men’s Sweet Sixteen but rather the Women’s being played in San Antonio. We start with the Arizona Wildcats and a surprising run from the PAC 12 to the title game.

Let’s take a look at the beers…

1730 Lager – “1730 is an artisanal lager made with American hops, a touch of rye malt, and heaps of pilsner malt. Aromas of a traditional German pilsner and tasting notes of tropical and citrus fruits, a touch of rye spiciness, and a subtle hop finish. Brewed with our friends at the JW Marriott Starr Pass…”

Adapt IPA – “The second of 3 newly formulated Hazy IPA’s based upon the fighting spirit and training of the United States Marine. Adapt uses Cashmere, Mosaic, and Idaho 7.”

Este Way Gose – “A Gose with a pleasant tangerine and orange zest aroma. Reminisce your favorite Margarita’s with this one, Este Way has a tart lime flavor, that finishes nice and dry.”

The Clurichaun Stout – “Enticing you with a sweet creamy aroma. As you take your first sip, you’re tricked with immense dark chocolate and coffee, smoothing into mouth-watering Irish Whiskey”

1st Visit – Hi-Lo Long Beach

Count me as a fan of the OG Hi-Lo in Culver City and now I can tick from my to-do list visiting their second location.

Right on Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach is a bright airy spot with more room for the well curated treats that Hi-Lo specializes in from fancy Iberico ham potato chips to the excellent Tony’s chocolate. But what they excel at is fine spirits and craft beer.

Now the only complaint I have is that single cans are not in high abundance. This is a buy a four pack place. If you are good with that, then you will find an eclectic selection. Weldwerks, ForeLand, Cellador and Bottle Logic are there. Sours to pastry stouts. And a nice little watch the foot traffic outside bar area that I would re-visit.

You should certainly add them to your beer shoppe list.

Benny and the Fund

Today, Benny Boy Brewing is launching crowdfunding campaign on (the new to me site) IFundWomen with the goal of raising $50,000 to help launch their brewery this fall. Per the press release, “money raised during this campaign will be used to build out Benny Boy Brewing’s beer & cider garden, a dynamic space under open skies where craft beer, cider and wine unite with innovation, pop-up food vendors and a culture of good times.”

Here is a rundown of what is on offer:

Available exclusively through the crowdfunding campaign is year-one membership ($300) to Benny Boy Brewing’s beer & cider club called “Friends with Bennyfits.” Among other rewards offered as part of the campaign:

  • Put Your Name on an Apple Brandy Barrel ($35) – Reserve your bottle of Benny Boy Brewing’s first vintage of Pippin Pommeau
  • Thirsty Locals Card ($75) – For Lincoln Heights residents only, get your first pint every Friday on the house
  • Private Tasting & Tour for 4 ($150) – Go behind the scenes with Benny Boy’s founders for a private tour of the brewery and cider house
  • Slip N Suds for Your Backyard ($5,000) – Think Slip N Slide, but with a beer sprinkler
  • HopStatue in Your Honor ($50,000) – Contribute $50K to the campaign and Benny Boy will commission a statue of you made of hops and malt, glazed in resin, proudly displayed in the beer garden

Nectaron New Zealand

Even the latest LD from Firestone Walker got a bit of a label re-fresh along with the hop list for this all New Zealand iteration….

The hop news for this IPA is the use of the Nectaron hop and this is the backstory from the press release, “The latest Luponic Distortion stems from Brynildson’s travels around the Nelson region of New Zealand. There, he befriended multigenerational hop farmer Brent McGlashen, proprietor of MAC Farms, as well as Dr. Ron Beatson, a hop geneticist with New Zealand’s Plant & Food Research public breeding program.

After his initial trip four years ago, Brynildson returned two years later and followed up on emerging hops like Hort 4337, which McGlashen was growing on an experimental basis at the time. Hort 4337 would later be named Nectaron in honor of Dr. Beatson. The name Nectaron is a marriage of “Nectar of the Gods” and Dr. Beatson’s first name, Ron.”

Another GABF Schedule Change

No Great American Beer Festival for the second year in a row. The return has now been marked for Fall 2022. This year will be a combination of the brewery passport that they used for last year along with the Craft Brewer Conference and Denver Beer Week aligning in September. The awards will go on too and will be broadcast just like last year as well.

Obviously this was the safest option. They may well have been able to hold the event considering the vaccine rollout is over 17% now but any setback between now and September would have led to concerns. Not to mention that any festival this year would probably have to temperature check everyone or check their vaccination cards. Not to mention – Part 2, that they would probably have to reduce the amount of attendees drastically.

Not BrMkr?

The de-voweling of company names continues at half pace with…

BeerMkr !

Now, you ain’t gonna get beer in ten minutes. It will take that long to download and set-up the app that you need and to order the special ingredients needed. If I was about to get married, this might be something to put on the registry but I have reservations that it will make you a witbier better than what you can buy.

A Podcast & A Beer – Tagline

Advertising is mostly utilitarian or, frankly, crap but some ads pop into the national consciousness. The story behind the ads that do click is the remit of Tagline. How do they come together? And the very first episode is about a beer, Dos Equis and The Most Interesting Man in the World.

How an SNL sketch and a song about George Washington proved the inspiration for a pair of writers bored with a client who seemed impossible is a great back story. Just the fact that this series of spots has two taglines is great.

You can grab a Dos Equis but I would say that you should go to a bottle shop and look for the most interesting label in the cooler case. Then look at why you find that interesting. Is it the color? The font? The information?

Featured Review – DefCon1 from Faction Brewing

Might as well start big right. Heading into the new DefCon series from Faction Brewing at #1, the Belgian Quadruple. It pours a dark cola color and the candi sugar is the first dominant aroma and taste that I get. It has a syrupy sweetness to it. I start picturing it as a float with salted caramel ice cream to balance the flavors. There is a bit of spice layered underneath which adds a nice counterpoint. As it warms up, the flavors flatten a bit and the whole works well. Looking forward to trying the other numbers in the series b