2 Ambitious

Long Beach (specifically Bixby Knolls) is an L.A. beer hub and one of its members is turning 2. Now, there will not be a big ol’ party but there will be special can releases so check out the Ambitious Ales social media to stay in the loop.


That is right! Groundbreaker LA brewery, Eagle Rock has turned 11 and has fun in store for us in March. But in the meantime, how about buying this throwback treat….

“It’s been a while since we had all four of our core beers packaged together, but we’re back baby! These beers were some of the first beer brewed at ERB and were available year-round for our first 5 years in existence. These beers were chosen to start our brewery because they each showcase a major brewing ingredient, and each represents a category of flavor in beer: Solidarity with Malt, Populist with Hops, Manifesto with Yeast, and Revolution with balance.”

Weighty Topics

Angel City Brewery is using their platform today start some discussions. Those are the things where people converse and sometimes disagree but still remain cordial.

The DTLA brewery “will kick off a new quarterly panel series, starting with Crafting Conversations: Black in Beer, live on February 21, 2021 at 2p PST. This hour-long conversation is designed to spark and continue a greater discourse around intersectional diversity in the beer industry, as well as showcase the amazing ways each panelist is making the L.A. scene that much stronger in their own way. The discussion will also cover the past, present and future of diversity and inclusion within the industry, as well as improving community allyship. The panelist line-up will include:

That is a cool line-up of L.A. beer people so we aside some time on Sunday.

PtY 2021

I usually don’t post about the Pliny the Younger madness that grips the souls of beer lovers each February. The beer doesn’t need me to talk about it to sell out. What got my attention this year, other than the bottling of it, which is huge in and of itself is that, (3) batches were brewed at the newer Windsor facility and (1) batch was brewed on the OG gear in Santa Rosa.

Now I do not know if this is the same as last year but if I were a betting man, I think there are people out there in beer snob world that will trade, barter or steal for both and will deem one inferior.

It is an excellent beer if you can gain access. The sale starts on January 28th and will make refresh buttons tremble.

A Powerful 2021

Usually the Power Plant rolls in in keg form and you get a fancy glass and a half pour of this truly big TIPA. Things haven’t been usual so instead we get it in 16oz cans from El Segundo this year. It will be worth it but make sure to take your time enjoying it.

Wishes Delayed

One of the fun points in the LA beer calendar is being delayed a bit for safety reasons which I applaud. Here’s are the details on the coming Infinite Wishes release from Smog City.

“One of the best parts about Wishes Day is getting to try all the variants, talk about your favorite variant (or the OG) with you, which one you’re most surprised by, and which one you’re going to buy a whole case of. Since we can’t share that experience with you if we can’t serve beer onsite, we’ve decided that delaying the release was the best thing to do right now. Also, Wishes day always draws a huge crowd (yay!) and we all know that now is not the time for crowds, even if it’s for an amazing beer. 

What we can tell you is that we are concocting 4 delicious variants in addition to the straight IW release and no matter what, the day is going to look different than it has in the past. Rest assured, we are working on creative ways to encapsulate the excitement and thrills of Wishes Day while still keeping our community safe!”

SF Now CA for 2021

About this time the e-mails from SF Beer Week start arriving like a Christmas gift, but this year that ends with news of no Firestone Walker Invitational in 2021 also gets a jolt of good news as SF Beer Week will be California Beer Week in February.

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Going Once

Auctions are usually stuffy events or filled with fast talking auctioneers. But this year you can bid on fun LA beer stuff. Visit a hop farm, buy special beers or get your face on a can. You have until December 23rd so start your bidding right HERE.

FW 24

Last night, Firestone Walker went on YouTube to discuss their 2020 anniversary blend and here are the tidbits that I learned….

  • The first barrel-aged beer that FW did was Ruby a TIPA / barleywine
  • The cardboard crown for the winning winemaker was referred to as the Stanley Cup of Paso Robles
  • The winning blend used the max amount of Merkin it could
  • Campfire and S’mores was the best beer descriptor that I heard
  • Out of left field pairing idea, spicy teriyaki and blue cheese