ERB at 14

Eagle Rock Brewery is turning 14 in 2024 and, of course, there will be a big anniversary party and their new roommate Party Beer Co. will be attending this joint Pajama Party there on Saturday, Feb. 17th from noon – 6pm. 

Per anniversary tradition there will be special beer offerings plus karaoke, Mario Cart and food trucks.

Did I mention a pinata?

Thiol Cup!

I am a sucker for a niche beer festival and Green Cheek Beer Co. has one on tap for the middle of the month….

Those who have had Phantasm (thiol) beers will know that they are the real deal. This new hop – yeast combo is well potent and delightful so this looks to be a fun event.

Boom You’re Nine

Away from the trendy and busy Arts District by a Metro line and a few blocks is Boomtown Brewery. Not a foot traffic spot is what I am saying.

But they have reached the nine year mark and will be celebrating with lots of music, a strength of theirs, and a space that hums with activity.

Add to your February to-do list.