Stillwater, the gypsy brewer will be packaging in four-packs their new beer, Classique (Post-Prohibition Style Lager) , in six-pack cans by July.

I just love that more and more lagers are coming onto the market. Since, we get some Stillwater here in LA, maybe we will find some cans come July.


Review – Dat Moi from Monkish

If all goes according to plan, this will be on tap at Beer Belly for my “Light and Crafty” event on the 9th of this month.  Along with Pivo Pils from Firestone-Walker it is a new favorite summertime beer and perfect for a growler buy because it will go quick.


Dat Moi pours a striking yellow color with a bit of a floral perfume aroma.  Nice big fluffy head as well.  The first sip is sharp but I don’t get either metallic or corn pop like certain lagers I could name.  Instead, I am getting notes of grapefruit and flowers.  Very crisp with nice bubbles.  For a primarily Belgian influenced brewery, Monkish has made a mean lager that I really enjoy. Beer-Hope-Love indeed.


Yeast + Mikkeller

Mikkeller is going back to yeast school for us. I have expounded often on my love of the single hop series of beers as well as the single barrel series. I have not, as of yet, had any of the yeast series that was done. But apparently Round 2 is coming.

One basic recipe that stays the same but the yeast changes from saison to lager to English pale to American Pale to two Brett strains. And even the label is cool.

What Did I Miss?

Looks like Widmer is really kicking up their game a notch. So much so that my next Portland visit will most likely include a trip to see what they have on tap.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Rotator series of IPAs so I am banking on these being good too.


Anchor Brewing has unveiled a new line of beers going by the name of the “Zymaster Series,” which will have its coming out party during San Francisco Beer Week.

It will be a modern re-creation of a lager using California malt and cluster hops to match up with what may have been brewed back in the days before even Anchor Brewing started up. To read up on the research that went into creating this new beer check out the Brookston Beer Bulletin HERE.

Review – Black Star lager

Thank goodness industrial water lager beers are done with. I can put that away for a few years. What better way to cleanse the palate then with a well-made lager.

This beer came to me from the efficient marketing folks at Black Star along with a nifty package of goodies. So let’s see how Black Star tastes (in can and bottle)

West St. Mungo

Scottish craft beer is on the rise. BrewDog gets the press but if you dig, you can find some really good beers like those from West Brewing.

St. Mungo
“Our beer homage to Glasgow’s Patron Saint and fellow brewer. Mungo is a clean and crisp amber-coloured lager beer with a distinctive malt sweetness and subtle hop bitterness, including refreshing notes of vanilla and citrus.
A very drinkable and palette- cleansing beer, excellent with food. (ABV 4.9%)”