Review – The Crisp from Sixpoint


I have been looking forward to having a Sixpoint beer again and thanks to my sister and the spirit of Christmas, I was able to purchase some.  So I got the Winter Warmer, the Double IPA, Resin and the one that I was most looking forward to (which I bought 2 of), The Crisp.  A lager.  Now I know that lager isn’t cool.  It’s got to be hopped up or imperialized before the beer snobs will deign to drink it but this is a damn good beer period.

The Crisp pours a solid yellow.  Nice floral aroma.  The first taste has a real zing to it.  That herbs and flowers taste really sticks with it.  I will be sure to make this beer colder the next time because I think that will add a layer  that will really round it out.  But as is, with hot L.A. January weather warming it up, this was a flavorful beer.  I would only add a little more carbonation to make it a little less viscous but that is a minor quibble.


Review – Gilt Edge from Ruhstaller


I have had a couple Ruhstaller beers now.  They of the distinctive netting on the bottle necks and the detailed information on the provenance of the beer’s ingredients from this Sacramento brewer.  Then I see this hoppy lager (in a can) which I immediately grabbed knowing that I would review it later.  So here goes….

Pours a medium yellow. Foamy head at first. Nice amount of bubbles, very sparkly and festive looking. Cereal aroma hits me first with a spicy hop note on the side. Taste marks this as more of a hopped lager. Initial flavor is that malt crispness that is quickly hidden by the piney hops. Though the grain does make a comeback at the end of a sip which is cool.  Love the stick on label attached to the plain silver can.  And I love even more the listing of the hops and barley.  Makes for a more informed customer!


And what am I reading now. you ask?  Well it is Double Feature by Owen King.  Yes, another writing son of Stephen and Tabitha.  Must be genetic.  I have just started but I am partial to father-son dynamics so it should be up my alley.

Your 2013 Decadence


If you think of AleSmith and their Decadence Anniversary beers, and you had to guess as to what style they would brew for 2013, I don’t think that a dark lager would have been amongst your top 3 guesses. And I like it that a brewery can still keep people guessing.

“Decadence was first released in 2005 to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. AleSmith has released a new version of Decadence each year around our anniversary date in late fall. The style chosen each year is different, but you can be sure that it will always fit the description of Decadence!”

So kudos to AleSmith for the offbeat stylistic choice for Decadence this year.



Stillwater, the gypsy brewer will be packaging in four-packs their new beer, Classique (Post-Prohibition Style Lager) , in six-pack cans by July.

I just love that more and more lagers are coming onto the market. Since, we get some Stillwater here in LA, maybe we will find some cans come July.


Review – Dat Moi from Monkish

If all goes according to plan, this will be on tap at Beer Belly for my “Light and Crafty” event on the 9th of this month.  Along with Pivo Pils from Firestone-Walker it is a new favorite summertime beer and perfect for a growler buy because it will go quick.


Dat Moi pours a striking yellow color with a bit of a floral perfume aroma.  Nice big fluffy head as well.  The first sip is sharp but I don’t get either metallic or corn pop like certain lagers I could name.  Instead, I am getting notes of grapefruit and flowers.  Very crisp with nice bubbles.  For a primarily Belgian influenced brewery, Monkish has made a mean lager that I really enjoy. Beer-Hope-Love indeed.


Yeast + Mikkeller

Mikkeller is going back to yeast school for us. I have expounded often on my love of the single hop series of beers as well as the single barrel series. I have not, as of yet, had any of the yeast series that was done. But apparently Round 2 is coming.

One basic recipe that stays the same but the yeast changes from saison to lager to English pale to American Pale to two Brett strains. And even the label is cool.

What Did I Miss?

Looks like Widmer is really kicking up their game a notch. So much so that my next Portland visit will most likely include a trip to see what they have on tap.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Rotator series of IPAs so I am banking on these being good too.


Anchor Brewing has unveiled a new line of beers going by the name of the “Zymaster Series,” which will have its coming out party during San Francisco Beer Week.

It will be a modern re-creation of a lager using California malt and cluster hops to match up with what may have been brewed back in the days before even Anchor Brewing started up. To read up on the research that went into creating this new beer check out the Brookston Beer Bulletin HERE.