Review – The Crisp from Sixpoint


I have been looking forward to having a Sixpoint beer again and thanks to my sister and the spirit of Christmas, I was able to purchase some.  So I got the Winter Warmer, the Double IPA, Resin and the one that I was most looking forward to (which I bought 2 of), The Crisp.  A lager.  Now I know that lager isn’t cool.  It’s got to be hopped up or imperialized before the beer snobs will deign to drink it but this is a damn good beer period.

The Crisp pours a solid yellow.  Nice floral aroma.  The first taste has a real zing to it.  That herbs and flowers taste really sticks with it.  I will be sure to make this beer colder the next time because I think that will add a layer  that will really round it out.  But as is, with hot L.A. January weather warming it up, this was a flavorful beer.  I would only add a little more carbonation to make it a little less viscous but that is a minor quibble.