Featured Review – Oktoberfest from Ninkasi

The final Okto bier review is of the Eugene, Oregon version from Ninkasi Brewing.


This Oregonian take on the Festbier Lager really starts off quite sharp.  Lot of malt and carbonation really hits the taste buds.  Some metallic/bitter hop notes as well.  Strange (to me) combo of loads of grain/cereal notes combined with a surprising lightness. Also a touch of savory and salt is the lingering taste.  The beer pours a lovely dark orange color with a thin line of foam all around the edge of the glass.  (Yeah, it’s not an OktoGlass).

Of the four FestBiers that I reviewed this month, this is probably my least favored.  The salt kick at the back end really drowns out the malt and kills any sweetness that I expect from this style.  I may have been expecting more since their Prism series of lighter beers have really struck me with their flavor.