Four Spiders

Tarantula Hill Brewing Co. up in the Thousand Oaks area is turning 4 years old this year and in a bit of a twist of the script are releasing and Anniversary lager which will be coming out June 24th.

If you complain that there are too many IPAs and too few lighter beers, this may be what you need to try.

Lager Day – Great American

We can’t have too many great American novels nor can we have too many great American lagers. Far Field Brewing adds one to the latter group with, The Great American Lager…

“A classic lager with an American sensibility. This is a certified crispy boi crusher that spent an immense amount of time lagering in the tank to achieve subtle but beautiful notes of light grain and cracker with some wonderful floral spice on the back of the palate.”

Beer Review – 1970’s Lager from Faction Brewing

This plus sized stubbie bottle brings back memories, of the 1970’s when I was a wee lad in Portland and of my Dad getting a case of some near generic beer like Buckhorn in the tiny bottles.

Let’s see what Faction Brewing thinks the 1970’s taste like…

Pours a super clear light yellow color. Nice foamy head too. Initially a sweet taste. Not as crisp as I was expecting. More silky in texture while still a bit bubbly. Getting some lemon and lime notes mostly. There is a tiny touch of bitterness as well.

Lager Weather

Camarillo’s Institution Ales has some serious art on their labels even for what they describe as “A simple lager”

Here are the details of this American lager, “brewed with American 2-row and hopped lightly with Cascade, Liberty and Willamette. It’s crisp and refreshing with a hint of sweet honey and fruity hops.”

Ten Year Lager

If you haven’t been to the original Highland Park Brewery, here is a reason to head to…

“Our pals at The Hermosillo have been with HPB since day 1, literally! We started off brewing (& still brew) in a tiny space in the back of their spot on York. We’re so excited about their 10th anniversary & so excited to share Hermosillo Lager with y’all!

Hermosillo Lager is a 5.2%ABV lager made in collaboration with The Hermosillo to celebrate their 10th anniversary! Ross & Michael asked for something crisp & hoppy with a focus on more Noble hops, including HopHead Farms Zuper Saazer.”

Source Material

Been a bit of an uptick in beer podcasts to listen to, and here is another one…

I have my qualms with some pieces on Good Beer Hunting but laws and beers is a rich topic to cover, so I will be giving Source Material a listen.

P.S. – Listened to episode 1 and boy does history have pockets of wacky stuff hidden away.