Review – Gilt Edge from Ruhstaller


I have had a couple Ruhstaller beers now.  They of the distinctive netting on the bottle necks and the detailed information on the provenance of the beer’s ingredients from this Sacramento brewer.  Then I see this hoppy lager (in a can) which I immediately grabbed knowing that I would review it later.  So here goes….

Pours a medium yellow. Foamy head at first. Nice amount of bubbles, very sparkly and festive looking. Cereal aroma hits me first with a spicy hop note on the side. Taste marks this as more of a hopped lager. Initial flavor is that malt crispness that is quickly hidden by the piney hops. Though the grain does make a comeback at the end of a sip which is cool.  Love the stick on label attached to the plain silver can.  And I love even more the listing of the hops and barley.  Makes for a more informed customer!


And what am I reading now. you ask?  Well it is Double Feature by Owen King.  Yes, another writing son of Stephen and Tabitha.  Must be genetic.  I have just started but I am partial to father-son dynamics so it should be up my alley.