Time Stamped

I have talked repeatedly about putting the packaged on date on beer bottles and cans and anywhere else you can and Sixpoint from NY has gotten creative with the idea.

This is part of bigger recipe tweaks across their core line-up from Pils to IPA as well as a return to a more unfiltered style of beer. I will certainly be checking the latest iteration in appreciation of their commitment to transparency as well as to see what the new-ish beers taste like.

Review – Resin from Sixpoint Brewery

In the past few months, I have had beer from 32oz can”nons” from Mission Brewing and now with Resin from Sixpoint, I am reviewing a super skinny 12oz can.


Odd shaped can. Almost energy drink size. Resin pours a bright orange. Leaves plenty of lacing on the glass. Aroma is herbal and dank. Taste has some navel orange notes but also carries a wallop of alcohol. The bitterness is there at the top of the mouth. But doesn’t really smack you much. A bit medicinal too.


Plus it has a cool Statue of Liberty graphic embedded in the bar code.

Review – The Crisp from Sixpoint


I have been looking forward to having a Sixpoint beer again and thanks to my sister and the spirit of Christmas, I was able to purchase some.  So I got the Winter Warmer, the Double IPA, Resin and the one that I was most looking forward to (which I bought 2 of), The Crisp.  A lager.  Now I know that lager isn’t cool.  It’s got to be hopped up or imperialized before the beer snobs will deign to drink it but this is a damn good beer period.

The Crisp pours a solid yellow.  Nice floral aroma.  The first taste has a real zing to it.  That herbs and flowers taste really sticks with it.  I will be sure to make this beer colder the next time because I think that will add a layer  that will really round it out.  But as is, with hot L.A. January weather warming it up, this was a flavorful beer.  I would only add a little more carbonation to make it a little less viscous but that is a minor quibble.


When it Rains, It Let’s Pours – Part 2

Thanks to my extremely kind and generous sister and her familia up in Oregon, I purchased a nice selection of beers from three East Coast breweries from my choice for internet craft beer sellers, Let’s Pour.


I got doubles of the Resin and Global Warmer because I wanted more than 12ozs to sample!

Yes, there will be a third installment which means many, many reviews in the coming weeks.