2 Better Than 1?

If this is a belated April Fool’s, then count me as got…

Here is what the design firm says, “The first tab – labelled “1” – opens the lid only slightly but creates a concentrated level of pressure inside the can, which activates the bubbles in the beer.

This allows the user to pour their desired amount of foam into a glass, before opening the second tab, labelled “2”.

This tab opens the can’s lid to its fullest and creates a smooth and foamless flow of beer, according to Nendo.”

When I am at my beer geekiest, I might do this but on a Friday after work, heck no.

Re Seal

In a move that might have great potential especially with crowlers, Augusta Label + Packaging now has a patented resealable lid for canned beverages.

It is both leak and tamper proof and can be used with any can line or manual seamer. They are on their second generation lid now.  Cost and shelf life extension will be my big questions butI certainly hope it is something that can be perfected, especially if 16oz cans are going to be the dominant craft beer package, even for high ABV beers.

Dupont in Cans

In a move that some may feel is anti-heritage, Saison Dupont is packaging their flagship into something other than the iconic green glass….

I think that the label looks really good. It has a Croatian football team vibe going for it. Quite eye-catching. I think a green bottle vs can blind taste test might be in order.

Sitting on the Dock of Boomtown

Beer buying is going to be more of a clandestine affair as dock sales and quick curbside service become the norm and one place that can be added to that grab and go (see how many of these same terms can I dig up) list is Boomtown that has a new hazy, named after the iconic L.A. landmark as well as a bitter named Proper Minger. Current hours are 10am to 7pm and I know this warning is in danger of being overplayed but do not go if sick.

Right Now

When I spoke with Rob Tod last month, I made a point to ask about what other cans would be coming from Allagash. Somehow, Nowaday did not come up. But apparently a Blonde ale will follow River Trip and White Ale into 16oz cans. Looks like the trend is for lighter beers for now.

Tiny Bubbles

Lost Abbey is no stranger to spin-off lines.  Hop Concept is their IPA offshoot and now they are launching Tiny Bubbles in 2020 with 4-packs of slim 12oz cans starting with two flavors, brut and rosé.  I applaud that Tomme Arthur and crew have not bowed to the seltzer whims (which will come back to bite some, methinks) and have taken their core competency and put a spin on it.

Inside the Tent

Sometimes when you look at a Modern Times label design or even just the name, you don’t really know what might be inside. Pretty, yes but not greatly informative.

All you really need to know about Tentbier is the name of Heater-Allen from McMinnville, Oregon. You know this is going to be a traditional beer. A 16oz can of Festbier that collaborates the Portland Arm of the Modern Times empire with a well-loved Oregon brewery.

Pineapple in Belgium

There are certain fruits that, to me, can get too sugary and too fake-y real quick. One is strawberry, another is pineapple. But Angel City did well by the former with a Gose and now is tackling the latter with a Saison. Review to follow because this might be a tricky one to combine.