Review – Psychic Advisor DIPA from There Does Not Exist

Straight from San Luis Obispo is There Does Not Exist. Here is my take on my first beer from the brewery, Psychic Advisor Double IPA.

This is an old school West Coast Citra bomb. Pours a clear dark yellow with an herbal citrus aroma. Quite the intricate label art, all swirling lines with maybe an Ent like creature. The lemon really shines through. This is a strong beer but as opposed to DIPAs that pop you upside the head, this just is.

2 Replies to “Review – Psychic Advisor DIPA from There Does Not Exist”

  1. Dude, good post on Psychic Advisor DIPA. I’m all in.

    Have you tried some Church Music from The Shop in Tempe?

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