Review – Psychic Advisor DIPA from There Does Not Exist

Straight from San Luis Obispo is There Does Not Exist. Here is my take on my first beer from the brewery, Psychic Advisor Double IPA.

This is an old school West Coast Citra bomb. Pours a clear dark yellow with an herbal citrus aroma. Quite the intricate label art, all swirling lines with maybe an Ent like creature. The lemon really shines through. This is a strong beer but as opposed to DIPAs that pop you upside the head, this just is.

West Coast Poetry

Stone does not mess around with their double IPA’s. And they have a new “ode” to the classic West Coast style that they popularized in San Diego. Plus it will probably be in the 22oz format so it will be truly a nod to craft IPA past. A

Mountain Towers

The mountains surrounding LA are a bit cluttered but there are local landmarks as well and Trustworthy Brewing is “paying homage to the radio towers on top of the Verdugo Mountains overlooking Burbank” with two DDH DIPA’s, one for each tower.

Tower 1 is brewed with Pilsner malt and heavily dry-hopped with Simcoe, Azacca, and Comet hops. Giving it a light color and sweet pineapple flavor. Tower 2 is brewed with 2-row malt and equally graciously dry-hopped with Mosaic and Azacca hops. Giving this beer a deep golden appearance and a sweet hoppy bitterness.

Hazy x2 + Lager Too

Firestone Walker’s Lager is getting a label makeover and bigger news, Mind Haze is growing. Now there will be a Double…

The lager label seems old school beer design without the font and the use of the word premium. Plus it has the earthy tones of the barrel-aged beers like the Gin Rickey. As for Hazier, I bet they took their time with it like they did the original so I expect a winner.

Featured Review – Cosmic Buzz DIPA from Paperback Brewing

I am quickly falling behind in tasting Paperback beer. I am really missing the old taster tray. Next up is a DIPA with a buzz to it. Cosmic Buzz.

This is an old school DIPA. Big and malty. You feel the alcohol and the bitterness quickly. Flavor wise, you are not going to get complex notes. It is basic and earthy. A powerful beer that does its job. If that doesn’t sound like a rave review, there are a lot of beers that do not hit their marks. This one does it.


You just might have a nautical themed summer with this new DIPA from the SoCal Firestone Walker. Look for it in their mixed packs, that is generally where you will find it or head to the Propagator.

The ‘Gram

If you were going to go after social media, I think that striking at Facebook or Twitter would be better targets. Instagram is the nicest platform (IMHO) but I understand that influencer culture can be a skosh toxic. That being said, I don’t think Brooklyn Brewery is being mean spirited, just taking a poke. Hopefully LA, will be getting some of this special release.