Review – Growls Like a Tiger DIPA from Stone Brewing

Hopefully, I will never know how a tiger growls unless it is Hobbes but the beer version from Stone Brewing is next on the review docket, described as a “Double IPA that features Citra and Talus hops which pounce on your palate with abundant sweet orange and stone fruit notes.”

Growls pours a dark orange. This is sorta heavy. The first third swipes at your palate, then there is a bit of grape and candied orange in the second part and then you can feel the ABV in your throat on the way down. The heavy portions are carried by grassy / woodsy notes. A bit different from past Stone big DIPAs.


Brewyard in Glendale is coming out with a new ride, the Jeepney 3000.

“Huge hop flavor bursting with danky notes of a distinctive west coast mixture of citrus, pine and hints of floral mint. The malt character is understated with a dry finish to let the layered hop flavors and aromas take center stage. Dry Hopped with Cascade, Northern Brewer & Cashmere hops.”

Beer Review – 15th Anniversary DIPA from Bootleggers

It has been some time since I had a beer from Fullerton’s Bootleggers Brewery. But I found a nice, big beer to break that bad streak on…

This beer comes across first and foremost as strong. Big pine and earthy bitterness dominate. When first opened, I did get an initial grapefruit nose but that faded off quickly. Getting a tiny touch of menthol here too. Quite a different DIPA than the current fruit forward styles but not really to my liking to be honest.

Review – Seeing Kittens DIPA from Almanac Beer Co.

Obviously the reason for reviewing this beer is the fact that there are fluffy kittens on the label for this DIPA from Almanac Beer Co. named Seeing Kittens.

El Dorado and Nelson Sauvin are the stars of this show and that first sip of the light orange / dark yellow West Coast DIPA leans into Concord grape notes. There is a nice bitter bite at the beginning before transitioning into the fruit notes. The 8% ABV is well hidden. There is a bit of pineapple and old school fruit punch as minor players in the flavor profile but the beer ends by finishing quite dry.