Three New from ESBC

You may think that El Segundo Brewing is just for big IPAs, bigger DIPAs, and biggest QIPAs but they can do just PA and surprisingly can do beers without a hop emphasis too.

So if you want to dial back the ABV…

…and if you want to do that and dial back the hops…

Or, if you are a Gelson’s shopper, you can fortify yourself before rolling through the aisles with Gelson’s Markets  “first ever beer collaboration with ESBC, Gelson’s Summer Blonde Ale. Beer lovers can drink in sunny vibes with this expertly crafted brew that promises a summer getaway with every sip. It’s only available on tap starting today at Gelson’s wine bars throughout Southern California.”

Review – Surreal Kush from Roadhouse Brewing and Mother Earth Brewing

Wyoming’s Roadhouse Brewing Co. meets California’s  Mother Earth Brewing Company for a surreal collaboration. 

According to the brewery notes, Surreal Kush is a “regular ole’ New Zealand Hops Fruit Basket” featuring a blend of four New Zealand hops Nelson, Riwaka, Wakatu and an experimental hop grown by NZ Hops LTD with the temporary name of NZH-104 which “brings intense passionfruit and guava aromas and a mineral character reminiscent of Southern Hemisphere Sauvignon Blancs.”

This medium dark orange hued IPA starts with a load of tangerine to my tastebuds. Getting a distinct guava smell. Light overall but not lacking balance. As it warms a bit, more tropical fruit notes start to pop. Almost hits a candy flavor but pulls back from that precipice. I don’t get the tart burst of a passionfruit but it is pretty close to the other descriptors.

You can find this beer at the following locations: Pasadena Erewhon Market, King’s Row, Elbow Room and at Lucky Baldwin’s.

A New Home for Beer History

Beer history got another place to call a potential home as The Museum of Beer and Brewing opened on May 11, appropriately enough in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Historical Society spearheaded the effort and according to Gary Luther, the President Emeritus of the museum, “There is so much history in Milwaukee, not just related to great breweries like Schlitz, and Pabst, and Blatz, and Gettelman, and Miller, but also the entire industry…”

Other features include an oil painting from 1935 that shows the history of brewing and a beer hall of fame display.

Sean Suggests for June 2024

Since it is both L.A. Beer Week Month and Pride Month too, let’s jump into some happy hoppy IPAs brewed right here in the City of Angels.

Angel City LGBTQI(P)A+ – 4.7% – “an easy-drinking session IPA designed with warm June days in mind – brewed with Nectaron and Nelson Sauvin hops exclusively in the boil and whirlpool, and double dry-hopped to boot. It has a super fruity and tropical aroma, tropical fruit flavor and a dry, easy finish.”

Arrow Lodge / Claremont Craft Ales All the Mosaic – 7.5% – three different types of Mosaic hops fill this West Coast IPA collaboration.

Common Space Dealer’s Choice Triple Hazy IPA – 10% – with notes of dried mango, orange Starburst and lime.

Review – Unity 2024 Hoppy Pilsner from Boomtown Brewery

Boomtown Brewery tucked between the Arts District and Union Station is the Unity host for 2024. Unity being the Los Angeles County Brewers Guild collaborative beer for L.A. Beer Week.

The graffitied cans holds a hoppy pilsner and I both had it on draft and bought a four-pack as well because it is really good for the incipient L.A. summer.

The celebratory beer pours a straw color with light fruity hops being the predominant taste. I get both grape and orange. This almost tastes pale ale to me but the carbonation and the heft of the beer does keep it tethered to the lighter side of the ledger.

8 Trilla Gorilla

Last week this time, Smog City Brewing unveiled a new more charitable Gorilla.

Combining with Crowns & Hops and their 8 Trill Initiative and the mission of achieving racial equity in craft beer and supporting up and coming black owned breweries is….

“This colossal Double IPA draws inspiration from our OG ape Amarilla Gorilla, the 8 Trilla Gorilla turns everything up to eleven and beyond. A ferocious infusion of Strata, Simcoe, and Citra hops rampage out of your glass with every sip. Strap in and prepare for an onslaught of amazing grapefruit, passionfruit, and fresh resinous pine so fresh you’ll swear you’re drinking hops straight from the bine.”

I Wish I Could Get – Story Forest from Little Beast and Funky Fauna

Now here is a throwback beer for ya’. Little Beast Brewing has teamed with Funky Fauna from Sisters, Oregon, to create a Brett IPA.  “Story Forest was primarily fermented with Chico ale yeast, then aged with Brettanomyces anomalus var. clausenii (widely called Brett C) for several months. To bring out more flavor, we dry-hopped it with Nectaron and HBC 586 to add the final touch to this new elixir.”

MORE LABW 2024 events

I promised posts about L.A. Beer Week and here is another one with some BSP picks for the almost here celebration of L.A. beer….

All month the Stuffed Sandwich will have an L.A. brewers flight available.

Monday, June 17th – Cellador Ales

Cellador Ales has a tap takeover in Virgil Village at Alma’s Cider. And if you can’t attend that event, then…..

Wednesday, June 19th – Cellador at Southland Beer

“LA is not only blessed with great beer but is also surrounded by agriculture and a great way to showcase how those two factors meet is with Cellador’s sour beer program. We’ll have a selection of beers never before seen at Southland, and Cellador will be in the house telling the stories behind those beers.”

On tap:

Oogum Boogum – Wild Ale with Murray Limequats, Fukushu Kumquats, 2nd use late harvest Masumoto Le Grand Nectarines, vanilla & elderflower.

Raspberry Beer – Wild Ale with Raspberry, Blood Orange and 2nd-Use Nectarines and Apricots


15 Petals – Wild Ale with Roses and Masumoto Rose Diamond Nectarines

Nouvelle Pêche – Tart Saison with Masumoto Baby Crawford Peaches

Thursday, June 20th – Lincoln Beer Company

L.A. Beer Week Collective Brew – join the team and be a party of the brewing process. Brew with them, smell the hops and vote on your favorite and get your signature on the can.

Friday, June 21st – Farmer’s Market Bars

El Segundo Brewing and Three Weavers Brewing tag team at the historic Farmer’s Market for a one night tap takeover.

Saturday, June 22nd – Brewyard Art Festival

Come out and support your community of 20+ local artists and vendors. There will be so much good food, live music, DJ’s and of course, special beer releases!

Sunday, June 23rd – King of the Kolsch

Arts District Brewing hosts Wave 2 of their Kolsch contest between L.A. brewers starting at Noon

MacLeod at Ten

After the trials and tribulations of the last 4+ years, MacLeod Ales has hung on and has reached the double digit milestone of 10 years.  That achievement alone should push you to a trip to Van Nuys to have a pint, maybe even a cask ale.