Saturday in El Segundo

This last weekend was all about El Segundo, first up on Saturday was a sneak peek at the soon to open tasting room for the Blue House Ales of El Segundo Brewing.

The glass with the familiar house on it.

The space is cozy with a view through the big window into the brewery.
The menu for the day.

Taps three and four were my favorites. Both had huge aromas. The Nelson has such a gentle hop kick and a grape flavor and the Sand Dune had two distinct spices, one from the herb and one from the hop. I highly recommend both.
I love the special taps!

When the tasting room opens, El Segundo will have three great beer destinations along with the across the street Rock & Brews and the Whole Foods nearby.
All the ingredients you need for a good beer.

If you haven’t tried any of the Blue House beers, do yourself a favor and order a pint the next time you see it.