Double Citra

You know El Segundo Brewing, they had to make “Citra…Just Citra-ier.”

They went and double dry-hopped their American Pale Ale so that you can try both to see what DDH does to the beer and to test how much you like the Citra hop

Bear on the Water

I wasn’t a big fan of the label art on the Surfin’ Bird IPA collaboration which makes a background appearance in the new IPA and doubling down on clothes wearing cartoon animals is giving me some Hanna Barbera vibes that I don’t associate with bitter beers.

That being said, I would bet that the beer inside the can from Pizza Port and El Segundo will be quite good and that is not any Hong Kong Fooey.

A Powerful 2021

Usually the Power Plant rolls in in keg form and you get a fancy glass and a half pour of this truly big TIPA. Things haven’t been usual so instead we get it in 16oz cans from El Segundo this year. It will be worth it but make sure to take your time enjoying it.

What a View

El Segundo has found a winning design template for their latest Tone Series IPAs. I really liked the green of the softball field on a previous can, and now we are treated to the expanse of sand along with a solitary tower and transport. Many are working with new views from home but this one is a great workplace.

Oh, and the beer inside is…

Style: West Coast IPA (obviously)
Hops- LORAL / Centennial / Idaho 7

Christmas Bubble

We all have our bubbles, but the El Segundo / Hop Saint one is a lot hoppier. And festive.

Here are the beer details prior to the November 12th release….

Bubble IPA
ABV- 6.6%
Hops- Citra, Denali, El Dorado, Idaho 7, Centennial

Double Bubble DIPA
ABV- 8.5%
Hops- Citra, Denali, El Dorado, Idaho 7, Centennial


Repurposing will be the order of the day for many breweries. That beer that was brewed special just might get rebranded. “Abundance of Down Time” from El Segundo Brewing would have had a different name when sipped at Coachella, but since is more than ten people it is now “new”! 13% ABV and hopped up with Chinook, Simcoe, Centennial, Loral and HBC 692 hops.

Featured Review – Old Jetty Barrel-Aged Barleywine 2019 from El Segundo Brewing

Continuing the reviews of beers bought from the Glendale Tap cellar, we go old with the 2019 barrel-aged Barleywine release of Old Jetty from El Segundo Brewing.

This ale was aged in bourbon barrels and strides in at 13.2% ABV. Old Jetty is both prickly and smooth at the same time. There is loads of bourbon character but at the same time the sweetness is restrained. A bit of syrup note here. Great brunch beer.

Mayberry Grill

Looks like the Slice & Pint was enough of a success to warrant the opening of a food spot at the El Segundo Brewing location on Main Street. Here are the details from a recent press release, “Mayberry Grill is a small offshoot of The Slice & Pint that will be located at the soon to be opened back patio. Chef Matt has been busy finalizing the dual opening menu…. think backyard burgers and tacos to start.”