Short Lived but Not Too

Usually when I post about MadeWest Brewing Company and collaboration and IPA, I mean the latest installment of their Short Lived series.  But Wave Pattern is different.

Yes, it is “an easy drinking IPA, over-flowing with aromatics of guava, bubblegum, ruby grapefruit zest and pine resin! And with a malt bill consisting of Rahr Northstar Pilsner and flaked wheat” but this is an El Segundo Brewing beer done with MadeWest and not vice-versa.

This new West Coast IPA is filled with Strata, Simcoe, El Dorado and Riwaka hops.

ESBC Day – Refined Saison

Behind the scenes, beer recipes get tweaked quite a bit. Might be due to supply issues or ingredient quality but sometimes it is because the brewer and brewery have a “could be better” attitude.

Such is the case for El Segundo Brewing who have been playing with their saison Aileron for a bit now and have come to a happy place with it now and to mark the occasion, have changed the name to ….

Look for it in better beer stores.

My Dad Loves This Bar

Kudos to both leaning into a perceived negative and bringing back a blast from the past.

El Segundo Brewing has created a new pale ale as a house beer (which used to be a thing back in the olden days of excess capacity) for two bars. One is the Library Alehouse and the other being the The Richmond.

The name….

Yup, craft beer dads have a bad reputation from ticking too much on Untappd to being so not cool that the kids are moving away to other beverages to distance themselves.

Lager Segundo

El Segundo Brewing is known for their hops but they dabble in other styles including lighter beers but do not expect IPL’s slash CIPA.  What you will see next is Gemeinschaft a Hoppy West Coast Lager with Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo, and Citra hops.

Sean Suggests for June 2023

We are going full on L.A. Beer Week beers for this month’s shopping list. From two Freaky Friday South Bay friends to a Crenshaw collaboration.

El Segundo Squirrel-Toothed Tiger – 6.7% – “We went hoppier, Americanier, and, dare we say, downright more majestic than a pre-historic squirrel on their best day. Sure, the tiger may look friendly, albeit a little funny, but it remains a tiger with an inherent instinct to kill nonetheless!”

Crowns & Hops / Los Angeles Ale Works Down Crenshaw IPA – 7% – Mosaic, Nelson and Enigma hops headline this dank West Coast IPA Boulevard.

Smog City Smogberry IPA – 7.2% – Smog City re-imagines the iconic Mayberry IPA.

Eyes Up

If you want a West Coast IPA, brewed right here in L.A., most beer fans would turn to either El Segundo Brewing or Beachwood Brewing.

Well a new collaboration makes the choice even quicker. Eyes to the Sky IPA hopped with Strata, Simcoe, and Columbus, is now available at Beachwood locations.