Review – The Messenger IPA


Wow. I remember liking this Three Weavers / Noble Ale Works collaboration back before 3W was not yet up and running in Inglewood but this bottle is tremendous. Just bright with citrus. I am getting tangerine and grapefruit in large delicious amounts. Not much bitterness here but that is because it is accenting the fruit not fighting it.

It also pours a beautiful and clear yellow from a really cool looking and big bottle. Really simple but artfully arranged colors and graphics on the label. The beer really looks good next to the bottle.

Back to the beer, it is super juicy and if you like that, well then this beer will really tickle your tastebuds. And if you have an IPA averse someone in your life, this might be the beer for them. I gave a taste to my resident witbier fan and got a really positive response.