Less Can – More Anarchy

First Deep Ellum Brewing filed suit against the CANarchy group and now another defection, this time close to home as Three Weavers Brewing is buying back what was sold a previously so the collective seems to be splitting at the seams.

Three Weavers and Inglewood have a SoFi growth spurt in front of them as the state and city re-open and in advance of Olympics in a few years time so that was probably part of the decision making process.

And does this mean that collectives are just not conducive to craft beer?

Featured Review – Deep Thoughts About Hops

I got a nice care package from Three Weavers Brewing with an exciting single hop beer, featuring Simcoe.

This pale ale pours a vibrant yellow. Pine and earthiness are first to make their presence known followed by a minor note of grapefruit. For a pale ale, Deep Thoughts has a strong layer of bitterness to it while still being lighter in body. Additional citrus notes come through as the beer warms up making the flavor profile more complex.

I am hoping that maybe, down the road, there will be a mixed 4-pack each can featuring a different hop.

In the Dark

Haven’t talked about Three Weavers in a mo’ but they have a new imperial stout with an Irish twist to it Some Dark Hollow. A big 12.3% that aged in Jameson Irish Whisky casks. Look for it in finer beer shoppes.

3 from 3

Three Weavers is hitting us with (3) IPA’s in the 3rd month of the year. After having Expatriate IPA for the first time in a long while, I am intrigued by the West Coast, Light Trails the most but if you like Pineapple, that could work well too.

Great Beer Names – January 2020

Gonna inaugurate a new monthly feature where I highlight great beer names (paired with great design, hopefully) on SoCal beers that you should be on the lookout for. The initial pair is below…

As a long time member of the anti-kid party, I like the bold stance taken by Green Cheek here as well as the blurry red eyed bird.
Not a big fan of the grape design on the can but I do really like the name, especially for resolution and dryuary January.