Portland not only has the Trailblazers, we now have a G-League affiliate, the  Rip City Remix and they have their PDX debut tonight!

And they have an eponymous beer as well.  Rip City Remix IPA brewed by Backwoods Brewing. “a straightforward IPA that is brewed with experimental hops that creates a 3 pointer of flavors, including cherry, melon and citrus!”  

Gonna have to find a way to get a 4-pack down here to Glendale.

Spooky Review – Fall Seasonal IPA from Institution Ales

We finish off the spooky beer reviews with the appropriately ghoulish label for Institution Ale Co. and their Fall Seasonal IPA which has been given the three descriptor treatment as Dank, Citrusy, Balanced.

Pours a very clear Halloween orange in the glass. First notes are of fruit punch and softness on the palate. The aroma is very, very red berry. Tastes much less than 7.1% abv for sure. Tilts more pale ale to me. There is a bit of woodsy, earthy bitterness in the background like a scarecrow.

Review – Skyduster IPA

Still trying to catch a bead on who or what Skyduster Beer is or where they are. No idea where Mission Junction is. But it is the liquid that matters, so let’s test out their West Coast IPA…

Described as “firm, yet restrained bitterness, this beer is aggressively hopped with Citra and Mosaic.”

Packaged in the stovepipe 19.2oz can and weighing in at 7% abv, this is a pretty good West Coast IPA. Did not know what to expect from this brewery. Has an initial bright and grassy aroma with a hint of citrus to it. Initial taste is a pleasing leafy and vegetal with a nice level of bitterness to it, A bit pillowy but as it warms takes up more West Coast notes.

Best IPA in Oregon (or elsewhere)

The State of Oregon and The Oregon Brewers Guild has gauntlet in hand for a new beer competition – “the Best of the West Coast IPA: National Throwdown.”

This is for West Coast IPA’s between 6 and 8% ABV ONLY.

“Registration for the competition is open through July 7th and is open to breweries from all 50 states. All beers entered must be produced on a fully licensed, commercial brewery with a TTB Brewer’s Notice on file. Breweries-in-planning and homebrewers are not eligible. All proceeds from the competition will go to supporting the Guild.”  It will be interesting to read about the turnout for this new competition and if indeed all 50 states will have an entry.

You can get additional information about the competition, HERE


LA Beer Week has an official beer but I am all for having more, so a side project from Ten Mile and fellow family-owned brewery Burnin’ Daylight present A “Family Hopportunity” West Coast IPA featuring Citra Incognito hop product and Mosaic Cyro Hops.”


Karl Strauss Brewing continues their collaborative IPA series with Squawk Box IPA.  The name should clue you in to the partner in this hop flight, it is Green Cheek Beer Co..

“Inspired by the famed citrus groves of Orange County, this beer is the liquid equivalent of a sun-kissed orange. With a tantalizing mix of Talus, Citra, and HBC-586 experimental hops, every sip is a burst of citrus and stone fruit flavors and aromas”