Review – Terra Incognita from Boulevard and Sierra Nevada

First things first, this is the Boulevard branded version of Terra Incognita.  Now onto what else I am watching/listening/reading while reviewing.  Why?  Because great craft beer makes me enjoy all the good things in life.  Kinda new age-y but that is fine.  So I am on a season 1 of Fringe kick right now.  If you are a Netflix-er.  Catch it there.  I am also a big fan of the ESPN/Bill Simmons/McSweeney’s mash-up Grantland.  Funny and spot on sports reporting/commentary as well as culture analysis of Mad Men that will leave you rolling.


On to this mash up of Chico and Kansas City…..The cork shot out of this bottle. Lots of foam initially, followed by a big blast of barrel aged notes. Whiskey. Not bourbon heavy. Still quite effervescent after settling down. Getting some acidity and hop bitterness after the oaky notes fade. Amazing that it is 8.5% when you consider how strong the aroma and taste is. But it is indeed light when you let it linger on the tongue.