From Outside the U.S. – Part 3 – Wicked

Brasserie de la Senne has gone back in craft beer time to collaborate We on a new beer, Pete’s Wicked Tripel.  That name should sound familiar because it is Pete Slosberg. The Pete of Pete’s Wicked Ale fame from way back in the day.  Slosberg is into chocolate now so the beer a Tripel with cacao nibs.

The description sounds very nuanced and layered, “The result is a very complex and at the same time highly drinkable beer, despite having 8 ABV. At first in the aromas we find touches of green coffee. They blend with the fruity fermentation aromas, a beautiful maltiness and a touch of citrus. Secondly, the cacao will develop in the after taste, in all its complexity, warmth and length. The cacao nibs also played a part in the interesting full texture of the beer.”

10 Cellars Made

Cellarmaker Brewing Co. has some cool 10th Anniversary beers with SoCal connections….

Czech GPT, now that is a cheeky use of the versatile Czech as pun generator.  Plus a darn good trio of breweries for a pale lager.  

Then Blaze Runner with Alvarado Street and Green Cheek.  That is four killer collaborators.


Karl Strauss calls their new collaboration with Harland Brewing Co. an “experimental Cold IPA”.

Brisky Business is described as “vibrant floral, citrus, and sweet fruit notes from this unique blend of Strata, Chinook, HBC 586, and 638 hops. The puffed jasmine rice lends to an extremely crisp mouthfeel and ultra-clean finish.”

I don’t know what ultra-clean is but leading with Strata hops has me intrigued.

Lager Segundo

El Segundo Brewing is known for their hops but they dabble in other styles including lighter beers but do not expect IPL’s slash CIPA.  What you will see next is Gemeinschaft a Hoppy West Coast Lager with Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo, and Citra hops.