Wish I Could Get It – Czech Mates

It seems like every day that I see a beer that I wish that I could get, but realistic me knows that it ain’t gonna happen. Another part of me also knows that having these just out of reach beers is a good thing. It will eventually push me out to travel to find.

This month, I would need to travel to the Land of KC3 aka England to Thornbridge Brewery for this collaboration with Budvar…

A Good Drip

The Three Weavers group has a new but different collaboration out with Tarantula Hill Brewing under the name: Code Name. The Inglewood version is Juicy Drips. Word to come on what Tarantula Hill will call theirs.

Each juicy pale ale “was made with the same hop combo, Galaxy, Mosaic and Cryo Pop.” Will we be able to tell the difference?

Review – No Vacancy West Coast IPA from Firestone Walker and Alvarado Street

This is the official beer for the 2023 Firestone Walker Invitational. Alvarado Street is the dance partner and the beer is out in the wild already so those who did not get tickets can enjoy a piece of the festival.

This westie pours a really light yellow. Typical for Firestone Walker it is a fairly subdued ABV which is good. Light pine and orange peel on the nose of this lightly bitter beer. Tastes close to sessionable to me but others not as hop assaulted might find it more bitter. Super well-made, bright and simple down the middle IPA. This will really work well in the sunny Paso Robles June at festival time as well as summer anywhere else too.

P&L Day – Reinheitsgebot 2023

Each year, Enegren Brewing releases a spring American Reinheitsgebot beer in collaboration with another pilsner friendly brewery, this year it is Firestone Walker.

“American Reinheitsgebot 2023 is a German Style Pilsner made with all American ingredients including malt from Admiral Maltings out of Alameda, CA and American grown HBC 1134 Hops, which are an American twist on classic Noble hops.”


Karl Strauss Brewing continues their collaborative IPA series with Squawk Box IPA.  The name should clue you in to the partner in this hop flight, it is Green Cheek Beer Co..

“Inspired by the famed citrus groves of Orange County, this beer is the liquid equivalent of a sun-kissed orange. With a tantalizing mix of Talus, Citra, and HBC-586 experimental hops, every sip is a burst of citrus and stone fruit flavors and aromas”


A usual collaboration is two breweries.  Some go to a trio.  But rare are the quadlaborations.  But Lucky Luke, Telco, Wolf Creek and Brewery Draconum are celebrating their neck of the L.A. woods with a new Cold IPA, Four Corners.

An Angel & A Shark

It’s been a bit since Dogfish Head has come to Los Angeles, but the iconic brewery is collaborating with Angel City Brewery on a new beer.

“A delicious Saison brewed with honey, vinegar & calamansi, a delicious & juicy Filipino lime which inspired the name of this delicious concoction… Juicy Deets.”

Tomorrow, Thursday, February 16 to not only get in on these Juicy Deets, but to “meet Sam Calagione, founder & president of Dogfish Head, who will be here to meet every single one of you SoCal craft beer lovers.”