Craftsman in bottles?


For those of you who thought they would never live to see the day that a Craftsman beer was bottled and put on sale.  Well, it has happened.  Just not in Los Angeles.  St. Vincent, a bar in San Francisco, has collaborated with Mark Jilg to create “Sumac Summer Ale,” Belgian Style Wheat Beer with Sumac and Coriander Matured in Oak.

Here is the full description from the press release, “This was the beer that Craftsman brewer Mark Jilg collaborated on with our in-house Cicerone, Sayre Piotrkowski.  It is a Belgian Style Wheat (not white) Ale, spiced with hand-ground Sumac. The beer’s primary fermentation in steel with a blend of Belgian yeast strains. The beer then spent 9 weeks in a large oak fermenter. The result is not an overtly sour beer.  With “Sumac Summer” The boys set out to make a beer that scratched the same itch as a cold glass of lemonade. The result is fruity, a little sweet, a touch tart and just a bit funky.”

Unfortunately, there was only 15 bbls of this beer were brewed and only a limited amount was put on sale in 375 ml bottles.