Food GPS Teaser – 10 Great Sour Beers

A few weeks back, I chose some of my favorite IPA’s for Food GPS, and tomorrow I have selected 10 of my favorite sour beers.

I fully expect to hear howls of protest.  How could you leave this beer off the list?  Why did you pick this beer?  You are just choosing beers based on internet rankings.  Your probably haven’t had these beers.  You get the idea.

If you want to start a discussion, then please comment.  I may not respond super quickly.  But I try to. I certainly hope that someone directs me to a beer that I haven’t had.  I may find a new favorite sour because of that.

But if you just want to scream or have your voice heard then please go out on your patio or back yard or balcony and do it.  If all you want to do is say, “you are wrong and stupid”  tell that to the wall.  Because that would accomplish the same thing as trolling a list of beers.

That is because we live in a time of plenty when it comes to craft beer.  10 different bloggers could come up with 10 equally great lists of sour beers.  And most readers would probably do as well.  There is no wrong list.  There is no right list.  It is just a list from one perspective as of this day.  Totally subject to change.


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  1. Sean,

    This is all part of putting your opinion out there. It’s inevitable that some people disagree, and point well taken that a constructive, thoughtful response is better appreciated than an up-in-arms retaliation. Thanks for continuing to put yourself out there.

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