Low Road

News broke yesterday that the Golden Road expansion to Oakland (specifically the Temescal neighborhood) is kaput.

This was due primarily to community opposition from both residents and the Bay Area Independent beer world but was probably helped by the troubles that SABInBev – Golden Road – Sacramento has been having with noise issues amongst other complaints.

Whether this is a harbinger of future expansion plans or just a roadbump will be seen as years pass but what it does show is that Bud will need to pick sites in a much more careful manner because they do not want to have their craft cover blown.

It was blown in San Diego for 10 Barrel and then again in this instance and considering that transparency is not Dilly Dilly, a third strike might cause exponential PR damage.

My best guess is that these satellites are not long for this world. Restaurants are a fickle business and not in the Bud wheelhouse so if the costs start to run, they might too. Or they will transition them to other uses.