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Modern Times is halving their West Coast footprint as they seek a less perilous financial footing.

Portland, Oakland, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles will be closed. Not coincidentally, those are the furthest away from HQ and in the case of Los Angeles and maybe the others as well, the smallest outposts.

The San Diego brewery bolted out of the gate when they opened and followed that with ambitious plans but the last two to three years have brought lots of challenges and a new leadership team which did not like what they saw and hit the re-trench button.

Hopefully, Modern Times can navigate back with a leaner company.

Oakland Brewery # 2 – Original Pattern

Next Oakland stop is at Original Pattern Brewing. Below are the five beers that woul be on my taster tray…


Light, crisp, brewed with jasmine rice

By Way of Riwaka IPA

Passionfruit, kumquat, citrus, pine, Riwaka and Mosaic hops

Transcending Universes IPA

Pine, resin, grapefruit, pineapple, Idaho 7, Mosaic, Simcoe hops

Marto Double Red

Malty, caramel, piney, balanced, Simcoe, Chinook hops

Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee Man Scotch Ale

Bourbon, vanilla, malty, caramel, dried fig, sweet

Low Road

News broke yesterday that the Golden Road expansion to Oakland (specifically the Temescal neighborhood) is kaput.

This was due primarily to community opposition from both residents and the Bay Area Independent beer world but was probably helped by the troubles that SABInBev – Golden Road – Sacramento has been having with noise issues amongst other complaints.

Whether this is a harbinger of future expansion plans or just a roadbump will be seen as years pass but what it does show is that Bud will need to pick sites in a much more careful manner because they do not want to have their craft cover blown.

It was blown in San Diego for 10 Barrel and then again in this instance and considering that transparency is not Dilly Dilly, a third strike might cause exponential PR damage.

My best guess is that these satellites are not long for this world. Restaurants are a fickle business and not in the Bud wheelhouse so if the costs start to run, they might too. Or they will transition them to other uses.

Bay Area (San Jose) Brewery # 2 – Camino Brewing

Our second stop is in San Jose where Camino Brewing celebrates beer and the journey of life that was crystallized during cycling the Sanitago de Compostela in Spain.

My taster tray would include the following:
Bosque De Milagros Juniper Saison
Café Con Leche Milk Stout
Cierzo India Pale Lager
James Star Imperial Rye IPA
Northeast By West American IPA
Nuberu American Pale Ale

Bay Area (Oakland) Brewery # 1 – Temescal Brewing

The “High End” seems to think that their breweries can be grafted to any community. Maybe they are right. But they are getting rightfully pushed back on in cities like Oakland. Where the soil may not be fertile to former independent beer.

One brewery leading that charge is Temescal Brewing and that is who I feature today with my choices for an initial taster flight…

Dreamer Pils
On Holiday English Mild
Through The Fog Scotch Ale
Take The Hops House Saison with Tettnanger Hops
Love is Love IPA
Staycation IPA

Food GPS Teaser – New in NorCal

Tomorrow morning over at Food GPS, a companion piece to my Central Coast post from a couple weeks back.


What breweries in Northern California are must visits for you?

Is it Russian River or Moonlight?

Sierra Nevada’s massive complex in Chico?

Or do you have some other small spot that needs a light shone upon it?

Let me know below…..

Beer Revolution

No, it isn’t an armed revolt against the dreaded BMC. It is a new beer store in Oakland! (Side note. No, we cannot have enough beer stores.)
Beer Revolution will open around the same time as the SF Beer Week. As if you needed something else to do.

They are located at: 464 3rd Street in Oakland

Linden Street Brewery


Linden Street is a fairly new place in an industrial park in Oakland. Not all beer is made in SF you know. They have a Burning Oak Black Lager, and ESB and the Urban People’s Common Lager. They will be hosting the first annual Brewing Network Winter Beer Festival. Check them out at Linden Beer.