Apply Within

Kudos for creativity on this label from Bolton Landing Brewing Company.

But it makes me question the following paragraph from the NY Post…

““Like most businesses this year, we are looking for help in our taproom,” says the ad from the brewery, which is located less than a mile from Lake George and about a 20-minute drive from the popular summer resort’s main drag.”

My guess is that summer vacation tourists might be the bigger driver when it comes to jobs not being filled. You can read this NPR piece HERE where that comes through loud and clear.

Safe Bars

I am not a fan of consultants imposing their procedures on a business. Why? They usually don’t know the business or employees working there.

But I am glad to see programs like Safe Bars out there that can be accessed by owners wanting to make their establishments, well, safer.

It is more of a DC area program but maybe variants can start in L.A. with letter grades?

Brave Noise

OK. Two things for you beer fans to do and they are both simple.

One – Read THIS. Do not TL:DR it. Read it.

Two – Buy the beer(s) when they come out.

Recycle Artistically

Wouldn’t it be cool to see a large recycling bin like this?

Of course, for breweries it would need to be a rendition of a 16oz can but I would love to see recycling and art to meet at each and every LA brewery.


Small orders are not economically sound. Economies of scale is where it’s at. That is why you have to buy a certain amount of cans and bottles if you are a brewery.

But Eliqs (no idea what that name even means) wants to corner a market of small custom label orders. You can choose a template or go full creative and the price isn’t half bad.

The beer or seltzer is LA brewed but unknown as to which brewery is doing it so it is hard to tell if it would be beer nerd good or just passable with the hope that the label is funny enough.

Beer City

One question has popped up a lot recently, what will be the first post-pandemic movie that you will sit in a movie theater and watch.

Well, I have an option for beer fans. Beer City San Diego. You can read more HERE about the documentary. You will get interviews with legends like Peter Zien of AleSmith among others.

Needed or Not – 4th of July Edition

Things were really starting to look up out in the world, the…

Bud Light Seltzer Frozen Icicles appeared. Basically cheap boozy ice pops, where the “light” comes in is anyones’s guess. You do get super natural flavors such as Cherry Limeade, Blue Raspberry, and Summer Ice.

Look, a determined toddler could make a summer treat that tastes better than this. So, super NOT NEEDED.

Best Beers of June 2021 + IPA Standings

Time to unveil MY best beers of the month…

Honorable Mention goes to all of the New Zealand hopped beers that I tried from Firestone Walker’s Propagator. All were quite unique and showcased each different hop well.

Runner Up was High Water Brewing and their Break Apart Cream Ale which was just so different than most of the other beers tasted. That creamsicle orange flavor was great.

The Grand Winner came from Radiant Brewing in Anaheim. Mind Gardens Pilsner was made with Riwaja hops and it was both hoppy without taking anything away from the pilsner aspects of the beer.

The IPA standings remain unchanged for the second straight month.

Third – Crooked Stave Idaho 7 IPA

Second – Indie Brewing Quintette IPA

First – Offshoot Beer Co. DDH Visions

Firkin for June 2021

Here is your next recommendation for helping women during this reckoning on abuse in the craft beer world.

Acknowledge it.

Acknowledge that it has happened, is happening and will happen again. This is an ingrained problem but to many it is either invisible or not “that bad”. You don’t have to throw out innocent until proven guilty but you DO have to allow the case INTO court.

So whatever you can do to acknowledge privately and publicly needs to become second nature. If your favorite bar is considered unsafe by good friends, you would believe them, right? It shouldn’t matter if these good friends are all big burly dudes or petite women.

Once we men acknowledge the problem, we can ALL then tackle the problem. We can’t spend all our time stuck at the beginning of the process, we need to move forward.


Yikes! My aroma receptors are not the best in the world but boy would I miss the use of my middling nose because so much of beer is based around that aroma experience. And then to add insult to injury, not only would your nose be basically turned off, it could then have the dial turned to “foul odors”?

If there are beer fans out there not willing to get the vaccine, the chance that this could happen should send you sprinting to the nearest pharmacy.