Hopsteiner has introduced a newly named hop to the world, “Altus™ is dank with spicy tangerine and herbal, grassy notes.  Booming with high alpha and oil content, Altus™ is the perfect dual-purpose flavor-forward bittering hop and has changed the way we typically look at high alpha varieties. From a Mexican Lager all the way up the pike to a triple IPA, Altus™ can repurpose itself in many recipes for those who dare to explore the creative potentials behind this variety.”

Altus™ is derived “from an Apollo and Wye Target cross.”

Notice that the graphic includes a pepper along with the fruit.  That is where my interest is piqued. Will it add the effects of heat?  Or will it spin as something lighter?  Spicy tangerine are not a pairing I have seen before. 

And if any other names are unveiled, I hope they aren’t forced to use the same five letters as Talus and Altus.