Wyoming Brewery # 3 – Black Tooth Brewing

Our final stop on the Wyoming Ale Trail is in Sheridan at Black Tooth Brewing.

The brewery began in November of 2010 with a 10 BBL brew house. Co-owner Travis Zeilstra is also the brewer and graduate of the Western Culinary Institute. He was awarded “brewer of the year” award at GABF in 2007.

Here is what I would put in my initial taster tray:

Bomber Mountain Amber
“An Irish-style red ale with a complex malt profile of biscuits, caramel and cotton candy. A well rounded and balanced amber with a dry, crisp, finish.”

Hot Streak IPA
“An American Style India Pale Ale, copper in color and accentuated with American Hops. This beer imparts both pine and citrus flavors, while maintaining an ever present floral aroma.”

Cowboy Joe
“This is a robust style porter characterized by a malty dark ale with a complex caramel, toffee, bitter chocolate and flavorful roasty character. We infused this porter with a variety of coffee from City Brew. The coffee infusion gives this porter a distinctive yet complimentary coffee aroma and flavor.”

Sheridan Pilsner
“A German style Pilsner brewed with a classic German Pilsner lager yeast. Pilsners are straw colored lagers with noble hoppy bite that gives a light crisp finish.”