Washington State Brewery Tour # 2 – Human People Beer

Our second stop in Washington State is a little town named Seattle where we will find Human People Beer. There is a Modern Times lineage and hop farm experience in the trio behind the brewery.  

Tim Kamolz and Andrew Schwartz come from Modern Times while Mallorie King has the agricultural background. 

Human People Beer will be tenants in a project called the West Canal Yards in Seattle, Washington with a hopeful summer 2024 opening.  First beers may be available before then as is often the case.

Washington State Brewery Tour # 1 – Dalliance Beer Project

Dalliance Beer Project is a unique brewery start-up in the hop country of Yakima, Washington. Led by Andrew Pytel and Tristan Karosas of Single Hill Brewing with artist Jamaica Zoglman.  Art will be the driver and the beer will be made to match.  

There will be no core beers, everything will be one and done starting with their Tarot Project.  (beer and tarot are a trend, as will be my confusion with tarot)

First pulled from the deck will be The Fool, a German-style Pilsner, and Five of Wings, a hazy IPA. The release schedule is two beers at a time until all the cards are done.

Canadian Brewery # 3 – Stillwell Brewing Company

Our last brewery recommended by drinks writer Stephen Beaumont is in Halifax, Stillwell Brewing Company.

For my taster tray, I would select…

Stilly Pils – “Brewed with German malt and hops in the traditional method, Stilly Pils is our idea of a great everyday beer: fresh, foamy and moreish.”

Best Bitter – “Brewed with English malt and hops in the (almost) traditional method, Best Bitter is our take on England’s great pub ale. Highly sessionable and naturally conditioned.”

13° Czech-Style Dark Lager – “Brewed with Czech Ingredients and in the traditional method, our 13° Tmavý Ležák is our take on Czechia’s magical black beer. Na zdraví!”

Cream Ale – “Brewed in the traditional method as a true hybrid beer – American hops balancing a german grist – Cream Ale is a nostalgic and highly sessionable everyday beer,”

Canadian Brewery # 2 – Blind Enthusiasm Brewing

Our second Beaumont suggested Canadian brewery is in Edmonton, Blind Enthusiasm Brewing.

Breezy – “We’ve dug deep into our brewing repertoire to create Breezy, a beer inspired by delicate English summer ales. Breezy is light and refreshing with a shockingly low ABV considering its bold doughy malt, floral and orange-pulp aromas and flavours. Low ABV doesn’t mean you have to compromise on great flavor.”

OKT – “This bright copper lager combines bold stone-fruit notes with complex herbal hopping and balanced bitterness. It finishes dry with lingering herbal and fruit flavors.”

Extra Special Monk Ale – “Light, pale malt showcases this freshly dry-hopped ale. Extra Special Monk displays a robust tropical hop profile amplified by a crisp, dry finish and surprisingly low bitterness. Enjoy this blast from the past while we make a few extra ales for summer.”

The Business – “10 Month Brandy Barrel-Aged Dark Lager — The Business is a brandy barrel-aged dark amber lager inspired by our prior release, Working Overtime. The Business is aged in barrels for 10 months. Where Working Overtime was boldly effervescent, The Business is dark, smooth, and supported by a dark fruit foundation. It has a light alcohol warming and a clean, smooth finish.”

Canadian Brewery # 1 – Muddy York

In the Best of 2023 edition of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, drinks writer Stephen Beaumont highlighted a few Canadian breweries to be aware of, it was a perfect starting point for the brewery tours for January. We begin the journey with Muddy York Brewing Co. in Toronto.

Here is my taster tray…

Major Small Best Bitter – “The Original Session Ale. Bitters were primarily served fresh under no pressure at cellar temperatures. Major Small Best Bitter is brewed using earthy English hops and biscuity malts. Major flavour, small ABV, thoroughly balanced.”

Gaslight Helles Lager – “Showcasing the flavours that come from using premium Bohemian Pilsner malt, we employ a unique yeast strain to make this thirst quenching variation of a Munich Helles more than just your ordinary lager.”

Chilly Bin NZ Pilsner – “Chilly bin — the New Zealand name for a cooler/portable ice box or chest. Chilly Bin NZ Pilsner – a tasty pils from Muddy York brewed to showcase New Zealand’s famously grown Nelson Sauvin hops. While you might not call your faithful cooler a ‘chilly bin’, you certainly need to try this crisp, light and refreshing pilsner.”

Working Hard New England IPA – “After experimenting with different hop combinations, we’ve settled on the super juicy and tropical duo of Mosaic & El Dorado. Aromas of mango, tangerine and stone fruit burst out of the can making this hazy New England IPA the perfect way to reward all of your Hard Work.”

Last 1st Visits of 2023

So, I traveled over to El Segundo to check out two new breweries that I have posted about before. One The Boardroom was shut for a private party.

But I did get to taste the beers of nearby Five Point Five Brewing which has taken over the former Surfridge Brewing space.

The space remains the same. No drastic changes inside. The change is outside with a bright big paint job with the brewery name in big letters.

The beers were surprisingly good but in styles that I was a bit surprised by. In my sampler tray were two IPA’s, a hoppy blonde, a Nitro Red Ale and a big stout. The Hoppy Blonde, I Love That for You was my top choice. Light yellow in color. Nice flavor with a little hoppy burst that came through well.

The Proud Mary Irish Red on Nitro highlighted the creamy dispense very well and when that flavor dissipated, the malt flavors took over for a second round.

A promising start for sure that I might re-check.

To make this last 1st Visits post of 2023 factually plural, I tacked on a visit to Long Beach and the former promenade home of Beachwood Brewing that is now ISM Brewing. Ian McCall who brewed at this very location is back with his eponymous initials brewery and the word is good.

I had five tasters covering a bit of their beer menu and came away very impressed. Especially with their New Zealand hopped beers. A pilsner, Lag Rope and an IPA, Kiwi Fingers. Both really let that Nelson hop shine. Also quite impressive was a simple ale called Peaches for Days that harmed no peaches but the aroma and taste was 100% stonefruit. A hop magic trick for sure.

ISM is only a month old but they are already firing out hits so mark it as your first to visit next year.

Best of… Brewery Tour # 3 – Incendiary Brewing

Each year Craft Beer & Brewing magazine publishes their Best of Issue. I have gone through it and plucked three breweries out of it to highlight this month, the third and final brewery is Incendiary Brewing.

Two college friends and long time Home Brewers opened this North Carolina brewery in 2018 and must be doing the right things to get noticed. And here are the beers I noticed from their taplist.

Cold Pizza – “West Coast Style Pilsner with Anchovy hops in collaboration with Hollingbery & Sons.”

Hop Loaf – “New England IPA Experimental Hop HBC-836 in collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops.”

Brandon Hates Black IPAs – “Wet-hopped Black IPA with Wet Citra, Wet Azzaca, Mosaic hops.”

Dulce Muerte – “Imperial Stout with cocoa, pepper skins, cinnamon, and vanilla.”

Best of … Brewery Tour # 2 – Strong Rope

Each year Craft Beer & Brewing magazine publishes their Best of Issue. I have gone through it and plucked three breweries out of it to highlight this month, the second brewery is Strong Rope

They are all in on NY too, stating, “Strong Rope Brewery® was created in 2015 with the purpose of showcasing New York ingredients and to make truly regional beers.”

Here are my picks from recent-ish beers…

Road to Deliration American Mild Ale – “Our new take on a classic style, Road To Deliration packs large flavors in a small package with complex layering of pale, crystal, and chocolate malts held up by Cascade and Chinook.”

Grain Head Golden Ale – “Fresh baked bread with notes of honey and apricot, full bodied, herbal hop finish.”

NY Classic Pale Ale – “Floral hop with notes of lemon rind and fresh pine needle on pale, bready malt, satisfying bitter finish.”

Blood of Gods Red Ale – “Malty nose of caramel, toffee, and toast with crisp pine and citrus finish.”

Best of … Brewery Tour # 1 – Templin Family Brewing

Each year Craft Beer & Brewing magazine publishes their Best of Issue. I have gone through it and plucked three breweries out of it to highlight this month, starting in Utah with Templin Family Brewing.

Here are my taster tray choices….

Natürlich Pilsner – “A tale as old as time. The malt bill presents subtle notes of crisp bread and peanut brittle. The hops pop with notes of grassy, white peach. 10 Weeks in the foeder give this a substantial oak presence.”

Beechwood Rauch Bier – “This Bamberg specialty is made with beechwood Rauch malts and Bavarian lager yeast. A silver medalist from the 2019 GABF, this beer balances sweet and savory malt finishes.”

Lingonberry Berliner Weisse – “American-style kettle-sour with lingonberry puree. Sour, tart, slightly sweet finish. (What does a lingonberry taste like, you ask? Think Cranberry, but slightly more bitter.”

Cold Foam Nitro Oat Stout – “Double oat dry stout. Creamy texture. Subtle roast character. Named after the brewers favorite pick me up in the morning. Cold Foam Fridays are a weekly ritual.”

NBA City Brewery Tour # 3 – Ope! Brewing in Milwaukee

Our third quarter stop around NBA cities is the new home of famed and former Blazer Damian Lillard, the Milwaukee Bucks so let’s head to a brewery in town before a Giannis and Dame game., Ope! Brewing.

But Is It Traditional? Kölsch

“This traditional style is clean, crisp, and delicate, using traditional Kolsch yeast and traditional German hops. Enjoy it anywhere you want to feel traditional, or not…”


“This here is our American laaager don’tcha know. Crafted from only the finest of ingredients and whole lotta love. Crisp, light, and refreshing, perfect for a day on the boat fishing, or sitting on the beach.”

Jeez Louise IPA

“With Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin and Amarillo Hops, this brew has the perfect combo of juicy, fruit forward hop flavors to satisfy any craving!”

A Stop and a Score Oatmeal Porter with Almond

“This Oatmeal Porter has the right combo of flavors to get you back in the game! With Almond and Vanilla chiming in to help seal the deal. Just like Bucks Legend Johnny Mac used to say on the broadcast – All we need is A Stop and A Score and we’ll be back in the game!”