Widmer Brothers + charity

from Draft Magazine.

Expressions of brotherly love usually involve punching, wrestling, or some kind of potentially dangerous physical activity. Widmer Brothers Brewing Company is celebrating Brother’s Day (Tuesday, August 11) in a slightly more healthy way.

Their collection of sarcastic e-cards are a great way of conveying brotherly affection while helping a good cause. One dollar will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters for each card sent before August 11. Widmer Brothers has pledged to raise $10,000 in an effort to recruit more volunteer Big Brothers.

“Our effort to support Big Brothers Big Sisters is a personal commitment,” Kurt Widmer said. “We know firsthand the value of strong role models and of course, the importance of brotherhood.”

So before that friendly sibling boxing match results in a pleasant trip to the emergency room, send your bro an e-card. And help give community kids an opportunity to experience the joy that can only come from getting matching casts with their brother.

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  1. Awesome! One of my favorite micro-brewers is supporting BBBS. My search engine of choice – dogreatgood.com – also supports BBBS and several animal charities. Drinking beer and searching the internet to support charities – I like it!!

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