Keep Practicing

Practice is not a bad word, especially when we are practicing to be better. Almanac Beer Co. wants to remind us of that and to be better people towards all groups, including AAPI folks. So practice your hazy tasting of El Dorado, Centennial and Motueka hops.

Help the Butterfly

image from the Five Threads Facebook page

Five Threads Brewing north of L.A. in Westlake Village is “releasing an Organic IPA with a special cause at its core. Vanishing Beauty is our effort to rally support for the critically endangered Western Monarch Butterfly. Numbers of these majestic migrators have fallen from 4.5 million to 2,000 in just the last 40 years. Integral to the pollination of much of our local flora, these creatures must be protected at all costs, and a portion of the sales from Vanishing Beauty will be put to that use.

Vanishing Beauty was brewed with 100% organic ingredients including Bravo, Simcoe, Sultana, Calipso, and Mosaic hops. Expect a light and crisp body buoyed by notes of grapefruit zest and a subtle floral medley. This can with a cause is available today in our tasting room and online, and if you’d like to do even more to help protect the Western Monarch Butterfly please visit our website to find out how you can make a difference.”

The brewery is also releasing a quintuple IPA named 5X as well. A hoppy way to help the earth.

Raffle Some Whales

Since 2015, Whales for Wishes has raised over $215,000 dollars, enough to grant 34 wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Head right HERE between now and April 8th to buy your raffle tickets for the spring giveaway and to see the list of beers that will be given away to make some wishes come true. It is a fun, low cost way to help and to see how lucky you are.


Beachwood Brewing has recently released a new pilsner, To Long Beach with Love. It is a “Dry Hopped Pilsner w/ citrus and herbal terpenes”.

Per the brewery, the beer is done “In support of the conversations, changes, and actions needed to combat social injustices, we will be donating 100% of the proceeds from “To Long Beach with Love” to the California Conference for Equality and Justice.”

An Anvil of Hope

AleSmith has set-up a new nonprofit with a heavy name, Anvil of Hope. The goal of the organization is in three parts, A) assist low-income families facing homelessness B) assist youth aging out of foster care C) help neighbors experiencing financial hardships. This effort from AleSmith owners Peter and Vicky Zien will hopefully spread hope and hops.

Review- All Together / Frogtown via Other Half

I have seen some All Together cans hitting the market but I went with the one that would deliver to me. Mostly because I wanted to test how it worked. So without ado, how did Frogtown Brewing do with the Other Half recipe…

.. this is quite the strange beer. The initial aroma was a weird mix of menthol and mint. I thought, at first, that something was amiss. But as the beer warmed up, the gentle palate brushing bitterness kicked in and some fruit punch notes started to come into play. I am going to let my other can sit a bit and see if time is needed for the flavors to come together.

1% Tap

Smog City will now have a permanent handle dedicated to their 1% For the Planet advocacy. And because the percentage is right there on the tap handle, all you have to do is point and you can help contribute a little good back into the world. Look for it at their main location and brewery.