The Firkin for September 2022

I have been known to take a sarcastic potshot at seltzers on this blog while simultaneously extolling creativity at every opportunity.

Another dichotomy in this universe is that I cringe whenever I see a slushie machine at a brewery while also partaking of bourbon / ginger beer slushies at a distillery.

How can I do both?

It is pretty simple to me. Seltzers are not beer. They are fruited alcohol. And as much as I enjoy bourbon or gin, you are probably not going to see me having a peach or cinnamon bourbon. But I will try a historical beer based on a colonial recipe or a chili pepper IPA because those are attempts at a new flavor profile, not just an quick and easy add blue raspberry to an existing product.

Same with a slushie. Bourbon and ice is a cocktail. Beer in a slurpee cup yanks beer out of its home like putting a Blazer fan in purple and gold.

Go ahead and sell them if you can but I will treat them as the profit used to make the good stuff.