Thanks to boundary lines, the two closest breweries to my home in Glendale are actually in Los Angeles. Brewyard will be in Glendale near the edge of Burbank finally giving my adopted city a brewery for the first time since GlenCastle which was way, way in the past.

But first, the Brewyard folks need a little extra help to get set-up in their digs, which will include a vintage truck INSIDE the taproom.

Check out their Indie-Go-Go campaign and help out HERE.

No NIMBY, this time YIMBY

I have lived in Glendale for quite some time now.  Going on 20 years if my math is correct.  And in all that time, there has been a total of one brewery that attempted to make a go at brewing in the Jewel City.  The long, long gone GlenCastle which became a Don Cuco’s Mexican restaurant for a short while and is now vacant.  I don’t remember the beers being world class but the location and interior were nice and if the fallout of brewpubs hadn’t happened maybe it would still be here today.

You could argue that Golden Road or Eagle Rock, though technically both LA, are so close to Glendale that it makes the need for a brewery moot, it would be nice to have a coaster from a brewery that said “Brewed in Glendale”.

Come 2015, it might become a reality.

Site is Under Construction color

Though the irony is that though the proposed Brewyard Beer Co. would be located in Glendale, it is probably closer to a majority of Burbank residents than Glendale ones.  Myself included.  But for those thirsty souls who work at Disney and Dreamworks and ABC7, they will have beer close to hand.

For the time being, it is follow them on social media to gauge their progress.  The duo behind the brewery Kirk Nishikawa and Sherwin Antonio have a home brewing background and hopefully the moxie to make Glendale home to a local beer again.


Glendale Tap

I get to write about beer that is actually located in the town that I live in! No offense to Golden Road which is literally across the street from Glendale or Eagle Rock which is right next door as well but they are both technically L.A.

This EaterLA article lays out what is happening but hopefully it will open soon and I can give a proper review.

UPDATE: They open on October 24th. Wednesday at 5pm.

On tap at Red Carpet

It has arrived!!

Red Carpet in my adopted hometown of Glendale is making the jump from bottle shop (with wine and spirits) to adding some tap lines too! “We are unveiling our new draft system. We only have 6 beers on tap. Still working on getting more. We will be officially pouring starting at 2PM Friday June 15, 2012.”

Draft Beers:
Stone IPA
Eagle Rock Brewery Populist
Epic Brewing Brainless
Sierra Nevada Summerfest
Sierra Nevada Hoptimum


Not only has Glendale gotten a BevMo. We also have a place of our own to drink some quality craft beer.

Side-Bar is on a busy street near the first apartment that my wife and I had in Glendale. It is dark inside and a little low behind the bar but a warm and inviting place to sit on a comfy couch with a great beer.

Oh and did I mention that the tap beers are $3.00 for the rest of December? Kern River Rye Holiday for $3.00. Port Brewing’s High Tide for $3.00.

A Short Walk

What is better than a new place to buy beer?

A new place to buy beer that I can walk to!

BevMo is coming to Glendale, California. I know they were already in place in next door Pasadena and in next door Burbank but now I can truly walk for 10 minutes and be at the front door.

Oh and they open TODAY!