Paperback Celebration

Lookee here, a beer event, on this blog. These have been few and far between haven’t they?

Anyway, Paperback Brewing in Glendale will use three days to celebrate what has been a year for sure. So pick your day and check out their beers and their space if you are like me and haven’t actually been inside.

New Beginnings

Shoots of beer growth are starting to happen again! First up is a name I have been talking about for some time, Paperback Brewing in Glendale which is right near The Glendale Tap. They teased on Instagram the date of 7/3.

Second, it appears that the Glendora location of Smog City is on track to be open sooner rather than later as well.

Make sure to look for any instructions either place will be needing you to follow and be super nice to these people who have been through a ringer already.

Paperback Update

Apologies in advance. I have been teasing Paperback Brewing for quite some time now but this maybe the cruelest one. Now doesn’t the above look pretty? Now all we need is for this damn virus to vamoose so we can all safely enjoy their Glendale beer.

Bowl and Flight

I think that if I tried to bowl now, I might lose a thumb to the ball as it rolled down the lane but if you are into the strikes and spares then the Jewel City Bowl has a bowling league that also has local beer flights. Check out the info HERE and see if you want to get a team together. Of drinkers or bowlers.

Paperback on the Shelf

Last year, I put Paperback Brewing on the radar of readers and then, well, nothing really happened. I mean there was probably forward motion but nothing really concrete. Seems like 2020 might hold more news on this Glendale brewery….

Mumford in the Jewel City

Taking a walk on Condo Corridor (aka Central Avenue) in Glendale, I saw this….

If what is inside the circle is correct, DTLA’s Mumford Brewing will be opening up in my city. With the closing of the Pacific Plate taproom which was not in Downtown proper, Glendale was falling behind in the beer race. But finally, the retail space that was considered a value add for these condos and that has been mostly empty may finally be tipping into being slowly (ever so slowly) filled.

With a Laemmle Theater branch that serves Brewyard Beer and now Mumford, things are looking up.

2 Reel

I have only tasted beers from Reel Brewing once. They were sub-par and since I have not seen them around either on draft or on store shelves, they were out of sight and mind.

But recent Instagram activity, shows that they are building out in Van Nuys near MacLeod and are also planning a location in my Glendale.

Hopefully, the beers have improved over time. I will keep you posted as to further news.

RIP – Pacific Plate / Glendale

Sad news to report, Pacific Plate is pulling out of the Glendale market…

They opened the satellite taproom back on February 26, 2017 and they will close up on this Sunday, September 23.

Though the place was well appointed on the inside and the beers were solid, that location at the way southern end of Glendale was not, in my opinion, great. There are Glendale restaurants and shops that have trouble on the main section of Brand and the Americana (probably due to rent) has had a lot of turnover too. Being stuck at the bottom of car buying row was not optimal.

I wish I had gone more but I didn’t and that part is on me but considering the vast amounts of seriously empty retail space at the ground floor of the million condos in the Jewel City, taking over a space with customers an elevator ride away though pricier might have been the better deal.