1st Visit – Stateside Crafts

Certain L.A. ‘burbs have beer everywhere. Torrance, DTLA, El Segundo has three and Long Beach has always been a player as well.

One aspect of a beer-y city are secondary spots like food pods and bottle shops. This is all prelude to an introduction to Stateside Crafts on Atlantic in north Long Beach.

Bottle shop and tasting room. Always good to have.

I headed south one Saturday to peek inside…

…and I found a lovely curated spot with pantry snack items on one side and in the middle with a cooler on the right side as you enter. Being mere blocks from Ambitious Ales and Liberation Brewing meant those were represented but not competing with them. I found a Crowns & Hops beer that I had not seen before along wit a Riip IPA but overall the selection was smaller than Hop Merchants, Talon and especially Sunset Beer which is my marker for SKUs.

But, if you are in the neighborhood, check it out. They certainly had a different choice than my regular haunts which is a good sign plus, snacks is a great thing to grab too.