Hollywood Bottles

Thanks to a certain virus, I don’t think I have been in Hollywood in over a year, but now there is a reason to visit…

…yup, Stout has created a bottle shop next to their Cahuenga Boulevard restaurant. I checked their online store and they have quite a few aged bottles to buy.

In the Heights 2

Count me as a fan of The Heights Deli and Bottle Shop and now there will be a second outpost, this time on San Fernando Boulevard in the Glassell Park neighborhood.

According to my intel, they will be taking over from the previous liquor store tenant. Look for the same blue color and The Heights font on the building. The big clue is the #2 that you will also see painted on the facade.

I will pass on more info when available, the best news is that the “when will you open?” question has changed in recent days from a shrug emoji to, we are open.

Not Tap For Now

The Glendale Tap is a flat out great space for craft beer in Los Angeles, also quite dark inside so when I visited recently, I didn’t even try to take a photograph though I wanted to because the bar, it is leaning into its new existence as basically a bottle shoppe. And I mean bottles literally. They have a lot of glass inside.

The above photo from their Facebook page shows some of the large format bottles that they have. You could stock a beer cellar in one stop. For me, I was in the market for a special birthday beer. After five minutes of looking, I had three strong choices and after another five minutes (I was on the clock, I don’t stay inside anyplace for long) I had another couple added to the list, making my final choice harder.

They also have the hip IPAs of all sub-styles in a cooler, so your trend beer buddies will be happy too. I say venture over to San Fernando and get ready to find a special beer of your own.

Coffee and Cans

The coffee shop attached to the Mikkeller DTLA outpost, Kaffebaren, is now Kaffebaren & Bottle Shop.

The café that now will offer bottles and cans to drink there or to go.  Obviously this will be lead by offerings from our closest Mikkeller brewery, Mikkeller San Diego but the initial press release touts Bottle Logic and Three Weavers as well.  All told around 50 bottle options and 20 canned options which seems the inverse of most bottle shops in our canned beer world.

North Hollywood Hop Merchants

I am a fan of the bottle shop tap room, nothing I like more than browsing the bottles and cans with a pint in hand. And the SoCal area is getting a new one, this time in North Hollywood…5013 Lankershim Boulevard to be precise.

Hop Merchants will have 16 rotating taps of local beer as well as 300+ bottles and cans to choose from.

Expect a review sometime after they open on October 20th.

How Weird?

It appears that another bottle shop has popped up without me knowing about it. Weird Beers LA is on 7th near Main and Spring.

A quick perusal of their beer menu does not scream weird but maybe they are targeting people who have yet to delve deep into #independent beer.

I will report back after visiting.

The Bitter Monk

I have been a little light in Portland news. Maybe it’s the snow or the Blazers poor play that have me disconnected but I can recommend a place in my college town of McMinnville….

On the main drag of 3rd Street in the small town style historic core, The Bitter Monk is craft beer tap room and bottle shop has 16 rotating taps of craft beer & cider and to-go options numbering past 100.

It may be wine country but beer folks can find good stuff rather easily.

Not in Half Moon Bay

If you didn’t want to head south to Lost Abbey, you could head north for Half Moon Bay Brewing’s new outpost, Pacific Standard.
The expected to open in summer taproom and bottle shop in Berkeley will have 15 to 20 local and regional beers on tap, with (of course) a focus on the beers that come from the brewery on the coast.

Growlers will be available as well as cider and wine to make more of a one-stop shop and you will also be able to get some food such as “locally sourced meats, cheeses and produce to complement the drinks.

First Look – Southland Beer

Tucked into the corner of a strip mall on Western Avenue just south of the Wiltern is the upcoming Southland Beer
They will have bottles to sell but primarily this will be a 20 tap beer bar with nibbles to tide you over….
Plus they have parking, great owners/hosts in Tim and Orchid and some really mod hop art on the walls along with a teeny-tiny sign that will tell you what they sell…
You can read more about Southland Beer in this L.A. Times article.

Southland Beer

Not one but two craft beer bottle shops are constructing their way to opening dates this fall. Craft Beer Cellar – Eagle Rock just finished a successful Indie-Go-Go crowdfunding campaign and Southland Beer has an ABC license pending for their Koreatown storefront near Beer Belly on Western Avenue.
Some 19 taps will grace the bar with the possibility of cask ales and even food too. There is the makings of a good little Western Ave. craft beer crawl.