St. Bernardus Tokyo Wheat Ale

An odd mash-up St. Bernardus Tokyo Wheat Ale wouldn’t you say?

I would have loved to be in the meeting where they came up with a Belgian/Japanese wheat ale. The last two items not normally associated with Belgium and abbey-esque beers. I wonder what ideas didn’t make the cut? But I do love the St. Bernardus beers (especially the Christmas ale).

4 Replies to “St. Bernardus Tokyo Wheat Ale”

  1. @Sean – “pretty reliably good”? St. Bernardus is one of the top Abbeys in all of Belgium and makes some of the best beer on the planet. Pretty good is a fairly massive understatement.

  2. The “waffly” words that I used are because I have not had the opportunity to have their beer fresh. I have gotten a couple bottles that were good but not fantastic. So until I win the lottery and can fly to their brewery and taste them all side by side, I will have to stick with “pretty reliably good”.

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