Why is Curiosity Bad?

If there was enough content, this blog could be devoted to the Red IPA, one of my favorite styles, and in time for scary season, Trademark Brewing has one for us.

I like the touch of having a cat on the label for a beer that has curiosity in the name. Head down to Long Beach or wherever you buy Trademark beers for this Halloween treat.

Adam and his Beer

Adambier does not get the likes that other popular beers get. Gose is far more of fan favorite. But this style attributed to Dortmund, Germany pops up rarely so you should seek it out fir your beer style bingo…

And here in L.A. Angel City has their take on it, Devil’s Gate. Quite appropriate for the scary season.


Sad to say but the biblically inspired Shmaltz Brewing Company will be no more. But before they go, they will leave us with an exit beer which I think is a really cool idea. The fact that they made it to 25 years is a testament to their perseverance.


It is not often that I am surprised at the ingredient list for a beer. Brewers have unleashed all the arrows in the quiver, or so I thought. But FANTÔME has done it with a … “Special recipe brewed with quinine, cardamom and quince juice.”

Making Moves

This is a collaboration heavy blog. I really like this aspect of tge craft beer world and brewers do to, so much that they collaborate with people tangentially connected as Deschutes Brewery has with Dovetail Workwear, “a women’s workwear company based in Portland whose mission is to encourage women to enter and succeed in non-traditional occupations. Inviting women from across industries to participate in every aspect of this project in celebration, Deschutes crafted Move Maker, a Cold India Pale Ale with all proceeds benefitting Pink Boots Society who “assist, inspire and encourage women fermented/alcoholic beverage industry professionals to advance their careers through education.”

City of Books and an IPA

There are many cool collaboration beer ideas. The podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno has a range of beers. The Portland Trailblazers have had Rip City beers through the years. Add yo that hallowed crowd…

Powell’s Books! They have an Ex Novo Brewing IPA with their iconic sign on the label. The Book Industry Charitable Foundation will receive part of the proceeds from the sale of the beer.

PB, Banana & Bacon

I do not think that American breweries will ever tire of making Elvis beers that harken back to his favorite food combo. But each time that I see one, I think to myself that a taster would be enough. But with Black Tuesday as the big, burly base, maybe The Bruery is on to something.


Smog City Brewing has a new Community Impact Beer on the way.

#3 is in collaboration with The Bay Foundation and is “a West Coast IPA featuring Zappa® & Medusa hops, which are the only hop variety that are native to the Southwest US.”

The Bay Foundation works to “restore native plant species and kelp forests, which fights climate change and keeps our coast balanced & full of life.”

Coming on October 8th.