To the Moon

There are not a lot of strawberry beets out there and I can’t imagine that there are many strawberry IPA’s out there that are actually IPA but come April you will have Moon Boots IPA.

This is a partnership between 21st Amendment Brewing with the Pink Boots Society.

With this spring release, the brewery will be sponsoring 4 Pink Boots scholarships:

(1) Women in Leadership Certificate scholarship with eCornell University at $3,800
(3) Level Two Cicerone Course + Exam scholarships for Pink Boots members at $400 per recipient.

Really Delirious

I have seen a trickle of Barrel-aged Belgian beers pop up on the interwebs. Not yet seen any in the markets. And the latest to pique my interest comes from Delirium, better known as the strong pink elephant beer. Here is to hoping that they will continue to utilize different barrels.

Which is It?

I know a fair bit about beer styles and I understand that labels will stretch definitions for marketing reasons but I am a bit confuzzled by this Sierra Nevada label that says both Pale Bock and Malt Liquor.

There is probably a flavor overlap and I am quite interested to try the beer but it seems to be sending a mixed message to me.

A 30th Ride

30 years of craft brewing I saw certainly a wild ride so New Belgium is hopping up “Wild Ride Amber IPA: a hop-forward tribute to our OG Fat Tire.” Since it is Flagship February, would be a good time to have Fat Tire and compare it to Wild Ride.

Two Bright

Last week, Los Angeles Ale Works released two pale ales with artwork by Brady Smith.

Here are the beer details straight from the brewery:
Cannonball Kid (Juicy Pale Ale 6.0%) features El Dorado and Cascade hops. Resinous notes of grapefruit and mango gummy bears. 
 Pugapalooza (Pale Ale 6.0%sports Sabro, Sultana, and El Dorado hops to lead you down the road to tropical notes of guava and passionfruit.

In 2030

We all know that A – climate change is real and our fault and B – that not nearly enough is being done but maybe beery reminder like the one below from BrewDog will help…

“Introducing MMXXX 10 yr aged ale: designed to be opened on 1/1/2030 to either celebrate, or commiserate.

Brewed to honour those commitments needed to stop the climate crisis. What you’ll be drinking to in 2030 is down to humanity. Sounds pretty damn sci-fi, but, the next decade is crucial – we need to cut global emissions by 45% in order to save our planet.

Come New Year’s Day in 2030, this beer will either be a celebration of humanity coming together to achieve that reduction, or we’ll be drowning our sorrows faced with an impending apocalypse. Thanks for joining our environmental fight and we hope we are celebrating together.”

Whose Zombie?

The Bruery will be doing a series of cocktail beers leaning into tiki especially this year and the first one is here, Mai Zombie.

“Mai Zombie begins with a Tiki-inspired base beer as the foundation for the spirited nuances enkindled by the rum barrels it rested in for over a year. Inspired by one of our favorite island drinks, we used lime and grapefruit zest, orange flower water, almonds, allspice, and hints of cinnamon and ginger for a unique Tiki beer experience. Exotic, tropical, and like nothing you’ve tasted before.”

What is cool is that the base beer was created to be rum -esque so that when put into rum barrels it would double up that spirits taste.

Even the Oat Milk

If lactose can be a featured IPAs then why not oat milk? Dogfish Head thinks that way at least with their new Hazy-O – a “hazy IPA brewed with four types of oats – malted oats, rolled oat, naked oats and oat milk.” Personally, I would like to sample a no oat milk version to see what that adds.