Up or Down

If there is something I love more than a collaboration beer, it is a two-way collaboration beer. Brouwerij West and Common Space bring you Maximum Decline (the BW half) “is a West Coast Double IPA loaded with citrus flavors of tangerine and grapefruit, and piney dankness from copious use of Cryo Amarillo, Amarillo, Galaxy, and Nelson hops. We used malted barley, malted wheat, and flaked rice to keep this hoppy brew crisp and clean for maximum enjoyment this holiday season.”

And Minimum Incline IPA (from CS) is releasing Friday, December 9th.

Cold is Here…

…to stay? Looks like the debate as to where a Cold IPA lands in beer style taxonomy hasn’t hurt or stopped breweries from producing more, and here is another from Firestone Walker (a blog favorite brewery)…

..though still not a fan of the artwork palette or style, I do like the Escher touch tied to the name which is a nod to the what is it really talk.

Guinness is Old Fashioned

Guinness and their Open Gate brewery in Maryland have done quite a bit of experimenting, most of which stays on their taps. This holiday season though, an Old Fashioned cocktail beer will have a bigger distribution footprint.

I am a sucker for a cocktail beer and this is the perfect time for this particular cocktail.


I did not take to the first beer that I tasted from Los Barbones, but this new one looks good….

Pelevacas has an intriguing list of ingredients added to that milk stout base. Coffee, Cinnamon, orange zest and Guajillo pepper. One of those would provide enough zing, but all four?


Glendale’s Brewyard Beer Co. has been putting out some interesting lagers of late with Asian ingredients, add to that list a black lager with Matcha.

I do not know how that potent green tea flavor will pair with a dark malt profile but I am down to try a pint. Plus the brooding label is cool.

Fresh ‘n’ Frozen

I won’t try to explain the science behind it but Sierra Nevada has a new version of Torpedo in (and only in) their hoppy sampler box called Cryo Fresh™.

Per the press release it “freezes hop harvest in time. Hops are most intense right when they’re picked, but they fade fast. Now the freshest, most powerful hop flavor is always within reach. The innovators at Yakima Chief Hops isolated pure lupulin from just-picked wet hops, the source of hop aroma and flavor. Stored at subzero temperatures, these hops provide hop field freshness, anytime.”

Seems a combo of innovation and marketing but would be a good taste test with regular Torpedo.