Collaborations that I would not have predicted.  Norm’s Restaurants, an L.A. landmark (at least sign wise, never been to one) has teamed with Common Space Brewery for a house IPA.

 22 locations and counting mostly in Los Angeles and Orange County.  But their menu shows no signs of alcohol at all, plus diner food and IPA doesn’t immediately scream a great pairing.


Hank is just a solid name.  For a person, a dog or a beer.  And de Garde Brewing from Tillamook, Oregon has a dessert-ish beer ready with a SoCal connection.

“During his visit for our last anniversary, we took the opportunity to taste through some barrels and compose a special blend with our good friend Henry from Monkish Brewing Co.

It’s a thoughtful and gorgeous combination of both three and five year aged barrels of our spontaneous beer, all built around the cornerstone of a stunning Moscatel dessert wine barrel. There’s mature funk, yet it still carries a remarkable vibrancy. A lot going on here, and a lot to savor.”

Echo Flex

A common complaint when going to concerts or sporting events is primarily the price of beer but also finding a good and local craft beer.  Baseball and soccer tend to be better than basketball and hockey but concerts and theatre seemed to lag a bit unless you were BYOBing at the Hollywood Bowl.

But if you are a fan of the musical booking at the famed Echoplex, well your choice of beer just got better with….

Party Beer Co. has very appropriately added to the party.