Salt, Straw and Beer

Each month, my wife and I will walk by Salt & Straw here in Glendale and look at their limited release flavors.  Usually our noses turn up at what weird combinations that they choose (especially at Thanksgiving) But for June at Salt & Straw locations across the country the theme is beer!

The collaborating breweries include Métier Brewing Company in Seattle, WA; Breakside Brewery in Portland, OR; Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa, CA; Cerveceria La Tropical in Miami, FL. Salt & Straw AND Monkish Brewing Co. from right here in Torrance.  

You can check out all the flavors HERE but let’s focus in on…. Monkish Brewing’s Space Cookies Hazy IPA.  The beer is a vanilla wafer riff on an IPA.  And the ice cream will be a mix of a hoppy simple syrup, grapefruit zest and vanilla cookie butter.

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