Not 42 Yet

Science, along with agriculture underpin beer and a brewery who is deep into both has another experiment coming out.  Actually two as Russian River Brewing recently released RnD IPA #40 & #41.  

They “were born from a collaboration with Omega Yeast for a special discussion at the 2024 CCBA Summit. Similar in taste yet distinct in appearance – one embraces a subtle haze while the other stands clear, all due to a genetic variation in the yeast.” 


Despite the name and rumors swirling about an Anchor Brewing comeback, the California Common is not that common on beer menus and I do nor think that Russian River Brewing would launch one during the Pliny Season but here we are.

And its an interesting malt too, read on…

“Excited to announce our collaboration with craft maltster Valley Malt from Western Massachusetts! Established in 2010 by Andrea and Christian Stanley, Valley Malt specializes in malting grains for breweries and distilleries while sourcing from farms primarily around the Northeast. For our collaboration we used Golden Valley Pale malt in a California Common beer recipe which really showcases this malted barley.”

More Canned Russian River

Vinnie Cilurzo has been slow and steady on entering the can arena. He wanted to make sure that the quality was top notch. And now more Russian River Brewing beers are a’coming…

“As part of our commitment to brewing more lagers in 2023, you will soon see both STS Pils and Velvet Glow Helles in 12oz 6-pack cans!”

It will radiate out from Santa Rosa then to outside markets later.


Russian River Brewing got their hoppy hands on a new hop from Segal Ranch in Washington State and punned it into Zumo Wrestling Pale Ale.  Maybe some stray cans will get to Los Angeles or you can order online.

Tempo Stack

Russian River Brewing and hops go together like peanut butter and jelly.  You may have seen their posts on social media from the hop fields and timed to that are two hoppy options that others may have seen but are brand new to me.  Mosaic Stack and the metronomed Tempo Change.

Review – RnD #4 from Russian River

Time to check in with Research & Development at Russian River Brewing

#4 pours a really light yellow but has a huge floral and grape aroma that fills the glass. Along with the Concord grape aroma, I also get a touch of cattiness as well. There is a sharp biting hop hit at first that leads to the woody and fruity mashup. It tastes stronger than the color and 7% ABV would leas you to think.


Russian River Brewing has done up a one-off – new version of Defenestration.

It “is a “West meets East Coast-style IPA” with tons of juicy hop aroma and bitterness. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to humanitarian efforts to help Ukrainian refugees. Defenestration and Putin Huylo will be released in cans only at both pubs and Gift Shops around the 1st of April. A very small amount of each beer will be available online as well! Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for joining us in supporting and helping the people of Ukraine!”


Russian River keeps on with the hops and one of these days, I will be a Johnny on the spot and order before they are sold out. And Mosaic Stack will be first on my shopping list. The only issue is that you have to buy a case.