Melrose Bandit

As we come out of our cocoons at our own pace, we will find some new beer places out there. Heading over to Melrose (which I have not been too in quite sone time) is the new Bandit Brews, “a taproom and restaurant serving locally sourced beer, wine and food…

Bandit Brews will have a rotating tap which currently features beers from HiDef Brewing with eight beers on tap and another eight in cans. The menu showcases a variety of locally sourced meat, fish and produce (within 200 miles), of which many items are cooked using a Santa Maria.”


I have heard of beer floats and beer slushies but straight up Alcohol Ice Cream?

The second surprise is that most of the flavors from Proof start with moonshine! Then bourbon and rum. I have to assume that gin and tequila and wine will be represented down the line.

A Highland Park Fling

You may remember Maximilliano, the restaurant that was an interesting an unofficial Craftsman Brewing outlet. That concept closed but the next tenant will keep the restaurant with a side of beer theme.

MacLeod Ales will be taking over the space and hope to open this time next year. Their pizza business next door to their Van Nuys brewery was a great success and now they will try to replicate it.

El Lúpolo And St. Patrick

After reading this fun piece on the cocktail El Lúpolo

I started to think about the beer fads like beer cocktails that came and went but should still be part of a beer fans repertoire. First to come to mind was beer floats which would work especially well today with St. Patrick’s not being the brewery party this year. Get some Guinness or a nitro stout and pair it with some artisanal ice creams.

Another MIA fad is pairing beer and chocolate . On the few occasions that beer pairings are talked about, it is usually with cheese but chocolate needs to get a few more chances to intermingle flavors.

Keep experimenting even without the fad seal of approval.

Post Valentines Day

If you need to make up for last Sunday or if you just want to keep that party going, maybe some truffles are in order..

New Belgium has teamed with Enstrom Toffee and Confections on a line of truffles. Tripel, dark ale and Fat Tire and since it is Flagship February, you should probably get red wrapped treats.

Thanks to Offshoot

Time to have a hoppy but distanced Turkey Day with….

Distanced Hop Luck – “This modern West Coast IPA features loads of Simcoe, Mosaic, Amarillo, and Centennial hops. Clocking in at 45 IBU, Distanced Hopluck is bright with intense aromatics, and refreshing on the palate with light bitterness. Pair with your Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving celebrations!”


Friendsgiving – “We’re making Friendsgiving virtual this year! This hazy double IPA features Galaxy, Mosaic, Motueka, and Cashmere hops resulting in a juicy concoction bursting with intense tropical fruit flavors and a hint of dankness. Pair with a Distanced Hopluck or your potluck!”

Thanksgiving 2020

You, as the beer fan, have been asked over holidays past to bring beer to the celebration. This year, well unless you all arrive in individual Flaming Lips style bubbles, will be spent much differently.

For some, that is s good thing thing. Missing out on angry grandma and grandpa or whichever relative is they shit stirrer could be a welcome relief. To others, this will be another missed chance to get together in a year of misses.

You can still be the beer person though. Even if your family lives far away, almost every town has a grocery delivery or an alcohol delivery, or you can even bend the shipping rules and send local beers (well packed and non-sloshy sounding) to the family gathering.

Add in tasting notes that you can send via email or by Zoom and the turkey can be improved, even from a distance.

With creativity, we all can celebrate together while apart.