Two to Avoid – One Food and One Drink

First up is thankfully only in Japan….

KFC Japan has a new fried creation, the “Ninniku Crispy” or “Garlic Crispy” chicken. It was created “specifically to complement alcoholic beverages, this new chicken features a tantalizing blend of garlic, soy sauce, and a crispy batter, all culminating in a final touch of garlic-infused oil sauce.”

Unfortunately, the second is straight up Americana as Miller High Life and Leinenkugel’s — have collaborated on a limited edition beer, “Cheers!” a strawberry lager “offering a blend reminiscent of white wine and strawberry jam, finishing with a sweet touch.”


There are all sorts of fermentation in the world that simply live outside of typical manufacturing but are fascinating none the less.

Here is one example…

I don’t know if I would like it or a full cup, but I would certainly like to try it.

Put a Slice of Orange On It

For the Blue Mooners out there…

The Coors-y Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, Blue Moon Brewing is coming out with limited holiday editions of seasoning blends, because brand extensions don’t count during the holidays?  You can get “a savory Zesty Seasoning and a sweet Pie Pint Seasoning. Both flavors are designed with your holiday feast in mind.”

If still available, you can click here to order your own seasoning for whatever unholy end.

Needed or Not? – Beer n Brats chips

Limited time potato chip varietals will never stop.  I like to imagine that there are tubes filled with ten spices and to make a new flavor, in this case, Lays Chip Researchers just re-mixe the spices in different amounts and orders to come up with one that resembles Beer flavor and sausage flavor.  

But why? Are they really selling enough of these to justify the new packaging and clip art? I have the same reaction to Chicken and waffles chips too.

NOT needed. Just get a beer, then sausage then add in chips on the side. Or at least Lays should stick to just Brat flavored.


Los Angeles has a special connection to French Dip sandwiches.  And now there is a special beer to pair with it, Red Car Blonde brewed for Cole’s by nearby Arts District Brewing.  Described as “A crispy 4.5% blonde ale to pair perfectly with our classic beef dip”.

You might need to try the dip solo, then get a second to properly test.

Get Your Peanuts….

…to pair with beer? I immediately thought these were beer flavored peanuts…

…but no, they are to PAIR with beer and in one case to specifically pair with Sam Adams Boston Lager which I think is just smarter. Most “beer flavored” snacks, taste nothing of beer so one ends up disappointed. But peanuts and beer is a gimme. It is going to taste good no matter the beer so now your product gets a positive glow even if a larger more economical bag would do the same.

Hoppy Hour

Not for the first time, I am pointing out a choco-hop combo.  Tcho with Fieldwork Brewing have put Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook hops into 68% dark chocolate. 

Called Hoppy Hour,  “This classic West Coast IPA hop blend cuts through the cacao with intense grapefruit, spice, and piney notes. We then dialed it to eleven by adding some pop rocks for a fun and effervescent backend.”  

Steeped Peanuts

In my time blogging, I have seen a lot of beer flavored foods from potato chips to candy to jerky. But I have never seen the phrasing, alcohol steeped liked this…

I would be OK with the Irish Stout and bourbon but the head scratcher is Jamaican Lager. What will that add past the salt?