Q1 Drinking Statistics

Didn’t think that I would continue on in my ever OCD quest of cataloging what I drink? Well, another quarter in the books and this year the goal is to get the drinking finally down to the amount that it will stay. Basically (2) pints a night or less with (2) no drinking days each week. The latter has been in affect since this time 2016.

Previously on Sean’s drinking stats, I started in 2016 with over 200 ounces a week and as of last year was done to 168.  The goal for 2019 is to hit 163 and through March 31st, I am at an average of 159.13 with my highest week being 166.  Four weeks of 160 was the final total.  So all good on that front.  The most boring stat is still ABV which is currently at 6.41% compared to 6.31% from last year.  Either I need to add way more high ABV beers because trying to go low will not be as easily done.

Where I am really falling down is variety.  A hair over half of the beers drunk are IPA.  A mere 14 being Sours or barrel-aged beers.  75 don’t fall into those three broad categories.  But maybe heading to the Smog City Anniversary this month will boost that sour number a bit.

Lastly, the following are the best beers that I had each week.  Some beers may be on this list that would not win any other week than the one they happened to but that is luck of the draw.

8 Bit Brewing – Oregon Pale Ale

Allagash – White Ale

Brooklyn Brewery – Stonewall IPA

Eagle Rock – Plan 9 Imperial Pilsner

El Segundo / Pizza Port – Surfin’ Bird DIPA

Firestone Walker – Auld L’Enzyme Brut IPA

Firestone Walker – Mind Haze IPA

Fonta Flora – Check the Cheers

Fremont Brewing – Winter Ale

Russian River – Shadow of a Doubt Porter

Russian River – Happy Hops IPA

Three Weavers / Coedo – Komorebi Tart IPA

Topa Topa – Dozer Line Black Lager