Q1 2022 Drinking Statistics

Here is a quick rundown of the pertinent facts of what I drank beer-wise in the first three months of 2022.

I am drinking over 5ounces less per week which is probably offset by my increased dabbling in cocktails.

AleSmith has been the most drunk brewery followed by Stone and then five locals – Eagle Rock, El Segundo, Highland Park, Los Angeles Ale Works and Firestone Walker.

Highland Park is leading the Best Beer of the Week race with two wins.

Of the 163 beers drunk, 75 were IPA and of that 32 were West Coast and 21 Hazy. Barrel- Aged beers totaled 15 and the Pilsner/Lager category was 11.

15.5% is the highest ABV beer drunk

2021 – A Look Back

Before we get too far into 2022, I want to re-visit 2021 again and look at my year in beer.

643 individual servings of beer were had and well over half were IPA. I would say bad me but I will save that for another point in this post. Of those IPAs, 114 were West Coasties and 105 were of the Hazed variety. DIPAs were 54 and TIPAs 19.

Pilsners and Lagers combined for 49 entries with Barrel- Aged right behind at 45. Sours, which I seem to be eschewing more and more ended at 15 and the beers from Foreign lands a pitiful, measly, really bad me 7. Right there is one of the reasons why I persist in this Excel exercise. So that I can see the stark numbers.

Speaking of stark numbers, I drank, on average, 158.7 ounces of beer a week. The lowest mark since I have done this. The ABV average was 7.38% per beer.

On to who I drank the most of, it as as follows:

  • Firestone Walker
  • Smog City
  • Stone Brewing
  • Radiant Beer Co.
  • AleSmith
  • Eagle Rock Brewery
  • El Segundo Brewery
  • Los Angeles Ale Works
  • Highland Park Brewery
  • The Bruery

Yup, a 100% California list and 50% LA local to boot!

Finally, of note is that each week I “crown” a Beer of the Week. This year, Firestone Walker tallied an impressive 5 as did Anaheim newbie Radiant Beer Co. Smog City racked up 3 for the proverbial bronze.

Best Beers of June 2021 + IPA Standings

Time to unveil MY best beers of the month…

Honorable Mention goes to all of the New Zealand hopped beers that I tried from Firestone Walker’s Propagator. All were quite unique and showcased each different hop well.

Runner Up was High Water Brewing and their Break Apart Cream Ale which was just so different than most of the other beers tasted. That creamsicle orange flavor was great.

The Grand Winner came from Radiant Brewing in Anaheim. Mind Gardens Pilsner was made with Riwaja hops and it was both hoppy without taking anything away from the pilsner aspects of the beer.

The IPA standings remain unchanged for the second straight month.

Third – Crooked Stave Idaho 7 IPA

Second – Indie Brewing Quintette IPA

First – Offshoot Beer Co. DDH Visions

2020 Beer Drinking Stats

Time to delve into my beer drinking statistics for last year. Frankly, there was not a lot of variance when you are drinking primarily 16oz cans. No tasters, no half pints, no magnums this year. Let’s do the numbers…

Let’s get some basic stats out of the way first. The average ABV over the course of the year was 6.79%. I drank on average just shy of 160 ounces per 5 day week.

Style wise IPA made up 52.85% of the beers. Sour and/or barrel aged a measly 7.6% and the Other category was 39.55%. Next year I might try to add more styles to the mix to see more detailed data.

My top ten most drunk from breweries starts with my favorite Firestone Walker, then to Sierra Nevada and Stone in the next two spots. All three regionals that could be found anywhere one shopped. Local Eagle Rock was fourth leading the LA parade. Followed by Los Angeles Ale Works, Smog City, Angel City, Boomtown and Brewyard. Tied for tenth was Santa Monica Brew Works and The Bruery.

Drinking Stats – Q1 2020

Well this quarter has had some highs and lows, hasn’t it? But in an effort to continue continuity, let’s dive into the numbers behind the beers drunk these past three months.

This year, I am trying to maintain. Keep below the 163 ounces a week that I was able to accomplish last year. Currently sitting at 157.35 or 9.8 pints a week. Two ounces below last years finish. ABV has settled into the 6.5% range and won’t move unless I really have to hit the barrel-aged stash.

I have a feeling that this lockdown will play the most havoc with how many breweries are on the list compared to last year. It is not normally something that I track, opting instead for top 10 popular beers and breweries instead.

Gold star faves have been the Galactic Ghost IPA from Allegory Brewing, Apical Dominance from Russian, Hayshaker Saison from Gunwhale Ales and Atomic Jukebox from Fort George.

See you next quarter.

Drinking Stats – Q2 2019

1/2 of the year is past and now is the time to check in on how much I have drunk, what are the favorites and other statistical tidbits…

I am on course to meet my ounce restriction goal. Sitting at an average of 158.97 ounces per week which is 3.03 ounces under the max. Boring ABV is stuck (in perpetuity it seems) in the 6.6% range.

I am also pleased that the IPA intake is at 51.47% of all the beers so far this year. If I can keep that in the 1/2 range, then I will be happy. What is not so good is that the barrel and sour beers are under 10%. At 8% even. That number needs to be double-digits in my mind.

Two of my favorite beers in the last quarter came at the Sour Friends Festival at Cellador Ales. Pyrus Rustique from Beachwood and Pleasant Pils from Highland Park were my two winners and will probably be on my Top 10 for 2019 list. Secret Agenda a Pale Bock from Lagunitas and Moonlight Brewing was excellent as was the blended cocktail beer Old Man Hattan from Firestone Walker. The most surprising was The Man with the Golden Churro from J. Wakefield. I thought this brewery was all hype, turns out this beer was quite good. On the flip side, Pineberry Milkshake IPA from the normally reliable Mumford Brewing was like mainlining sugar.

Now onto the 2nd half of the year!

Q1 Drinking Statistics

Didn’t think that I would continue on in my ever OCD quest of cataloging what I drink? Well, another quarter in the books and this year the goal is to get the drinking finally down to the amount that it will stay. Basically (2) pints a night or less with (2) no drinking days each week. The latter has been in affect since this time 2016.

Previously on Sean’s drinking stats, I started in 2016 with over 200 ounces a week and as of last year was done to 168.  The goal for 2019 is to hit 163 and through March 31st, I am at an average of 159.13 with my highest week being 166.  Four weeks of 160 was the final total.  So all good on that front.  The most boring stat is still ABV which is currently at 6.41% compared to 6.31% from last year.  Either I need to add way more high ABV beers because trying to go low will not be as easily done.

Where I am really falling down is variety.  A hair over half of the beers drunk are IPA.  A mere 14 being Sours or barrel-aged beers.  75 don’t fall into those three broad categories.  But maybe heading to the Smog City Anniversary this month will boost that sour number a bit.

Lastly, the following are the best beers that I had each week.  Some beers may be on this list that would not win any other week than the one they happened to but that is luck of the draw.

8 Bit Brewing – Oregon Pale Ale

Allagash – White Ale

Brooklyn Brewery – Stonewall IPA

Eagle Rock – Plan 9 Imperial Pilsner

El Segundo / Pizza Port – Surfin’ Bird DIPA

Firestone Walker – Auld L’Enzyme Brut IPA

Firestone Walker – Mind Haze IPA

Fonta Flora – Check the Cheers

Fremont Brewing – Winter Ale

Russian River – Shadow of a Doubt Porter

Russian River – Happy Hops IPA

Three Weavers / Coedo – Komorebi Tart IPA

Topa Topa – Dozer Line Black Lager

State Stats

The statistical arm of the Brewer’s Association put up a handy set of graphics for each state that gives a snapshot of brewing activity in the state.

This time around, I want to point out the rankings that are in smaller print underneath the headline numbers. And what I want to specifically call to attention are the per Capita numbers. California has the most breweries in the Union but factoring in our large population we fall to middle of the pack at 22nd. Same with economic impact, we fall from 1st to 27th.

Those aren’t to be read as negative because, we may have a higher proportion of tiny breweries. And ranking higher in per Capita breweries might strain the infrastructure and lead to unhealthy amounts of competition.

The last important number is that economic impact. If that continues to grow, even if the other numbers do not, then the clout that our brewer’s guilds can wield will grow.

Drinking Stats – 2018 Q1

The drinking stats are back! I set a fairly ambitious goal for 2018. Bring my average ounces drunk, per week down to 175. In current terms that is a shade under 11 – 16oz cans of hazy IPA.

So far, I am doing well with the average ounces per week at 171.92. The high week in the first quarter was 200 and the low was 162.40. Most of the weeks have come in an ounce or two under that 175 target.

My other goal was to get the split between the Big 3 (IPA, Sour and Barrel-Aged) down to 50% compared to, literally, all other styles. Right now, I am off by nearly 4% which means that I need to be buying more lagers and saisons for starters.

Some other stats:
Average ABV – 6.62% with a high week of 7.23% avg. and low of 5.94%.
Average dollar spend is $41.57 with a high week of $64.02 and low of $22.99.

And my favorite beers so far are as follows:
Angel City Public House Saison
Burial Beer Co. Ceremonial Session IPA
Homage One Evening Guava Sour
Finback Cosmic Vibration Coconut IPA

Drinking Stats for 2016

Since April, I have been keeping a basic set of beer drinking statistics. Not 100% coverage of all that I drank during the year, but a pretty good deep dive into what I have been pouring into my pint, tulip and other glassware.

Maybe it was seeing the numbers that started a self-fulfilling prophecy but pretty quickly the numbers in the (3) columns (ounces drunk, ABV and cost) collected to an average that did not deviate much.

Within three weeks, the weekly amount drunk settled into a range between 204-208. The high week was 288 and the low 163. The average ABV was even more constricted into an under 1/2 percentage range from 6.51% to 6.99%. The high ABV week was 8.96% with the low clocking in at 5.19%. Dollars spent per week was where the widest gulf was found going from $49.90 to $62.86 from Week 5 to Week 29. The low week was $31.75 and the high was $136.00.

Overall the average amount consumed was 204.31 at an average ABV of 6.74% spending $60.95 a week to do so.

Also, in utilizing my Excel skills, I was able to rank the breweries that I most drank from. Yes, it includes samplers but this list is meant to analyze more who I reached for than just quantity.

Eagle Rock 25 They are my closest brewery. No shock here.
Stone 24 Usually bought at Trader Joe’s
Firestone Walker 24 A blog favorite plus, Luponic Distortion
Mumford 22 Obviously my DTLA pick
Sierra Nevada 18 Beer Camp and Oktoberfest
Highland Park 17 I would have thought this would be higher
El Segundo 15 Day 1 releases, ’nuff said
Lagunitas 13 Tour of Azusa plant basically
Brewyard 10 My Glendale brewery. Will be more next year
The Bruery 10 Kind of surprise, cost should have impacted

I will keep you updated on how 2017 shakes out. Already pumping data into the new spreadsheet.