Oregon Craft Beer Month – For the Love of Beer

for the love

For the Love of Beer is a new documentary about brewing in the NW. And, more importantly, it’s about women who are re-shaping a male dominated industry.

Here is a summary to pique your interest further…” “For the Love of Beer” is a documentary devoted to the stories and passion of the women at the forefront of the Pacific Northwest beer community. The craft beer industry is exploding; as of July 31, 2009, there are 1,482 craft breweries operating within the United States, and sales continue to rise upwards of 6% annually. While brewing is traditionally a woman’s job, the modern brewing industry is a heavily male dominated field.

However, in the Pacific NW, women are fighting their way to being some of the most influential people in the brewing industry. From the farm to consumption, Pacific NW women are setting new standards for brewing and changing the way the nation looks at women and beer.

These inspiring women are not afraid to fight discrimination and make sacrifices for the sake of their craft. While these women acknowledge that their struggles are opening doors for females everywhere, they’re not doing it for feminism or equality…they’re doing it for the love of beer.”