One Pint at a Time

First, I want you to head to HERE to watch the trailer for One Pint At a Time.

And then make sure to check the website, like I have to keep tabs on possible future showings in Los Angeles.

Beer City

One question has popped up a lot recently, what will be the first post-pandemic movie that you will sit in a movie theater and watch.

Well, I have an option for beer fans. Beer City San Diego. You can read more HERE about the documentary. You will get interviews with legends like Peter Zien of AleSmith among others.

Beer! A Love Story

If you have watched everything on Netflix, HBO to the Max, D+, and you need something new to watch, well you are in luck because Beer! is available to stream.

Here is the elevator pitch, “There’s no other film like BEER! A Love Story. This full-length feature documentary weaves together the stories of over 30 international protagonists across multiple countries who speak the universal language of beer, the world’s most consumed fermented beverage.”


At first this documentary, this was slow without much Sake information.  But then the journeys of the protagonists was revealed and it was really affected me. The writer from Cleveland is my analog, but the UK brewer has nuggets of wisdom, as did the family Sake House with the upstart son and the Fukushima tragedy really struck me. There was one section in Cornwall, where Parker was talking about each year being new that actually rang far more true than any New Years Resolution. And it was really fun to see a North Carolina sake brewery putting their own spin on the beverage.

There is some “how-to brew” segments but that is not the thrust of this movie so you will probably need to augment with some outside reading to catch a fuller idea of what is being done. That is what I am going to do after seeing this.

Biggest Little Farm

If you are wondering if ended up on a different blog because of the image above, rest assured, you have not. Farming is obviously and integral part of beer. Beer requires the extensive knowledge of hop and malt farmers to be able to create the myriad of beer styles out there. But most, and I include myself in that most, do not understand a lick about farming and how hard it is and how much harder it may well be.

The Biggest Little Farm does not have hops or malt (maybe later) but it expertly shows the interplay of the land, the animals and the people. Bugs chewing up plants, find an animal that eats that bug and you have a natural solution. The fact that the Apricot Lane farm has been able to succeed is amazing which is kinda sad because we will probably need more farms like this to truly keep farming around in a more sustainable way.

I highly recommend renting (buying) this movie. Maybe find a fresh hop ale to go with it.

Pint Sized

I am always on the lookout for beer video/films/documentaries and I think I found a good one in Pints. Just the fact that they start with episode 1 being about Terminal Gravity Brewing is great. This will hopefully make for a good learning experience.

Beers of Joy

Sometimes the L.A. Times movie sneak preview can be too daunting. Title after title for the next three months. But on a recent Sunday, I took my sweet time and ran across this….

So keep an eye out for a possible craft beer documentary. Why do I say “possible”, because I could find no other info on it. I could find barely any info even on IMDB which usually has at least a Facebook page.

Fight the Floppy Ass Comb Over

A new documentary that touches the Chicago beer scene will be hitting the movie festival circuit. Entitled “F*** Your Hair,” the movie from Jason Polevoi aims the camera lens at the Latino-owned craft brewery 5 Rabbit Cerveceria and their bold decision to stop making a house beer for a Donald Trump-owned hotel in Chicago.

The owners of 5 Rabbit, Andres Araya and Mila Ramirez are themselves immigrants and chose to make a stand against the racist and quite frankly un-American current immigration policy as embodied in our delusion in orange hair chief.

There might even be screenings at breweries across the country. But for now, a trailer….

The Brewmaster

Looks like a craft beer documentary opened recently for a brief and probably very limited “in theater” run before hitting the digital realm next month this time.

The movie is Brewmaster from filmmaker Douglas Tirola. The documentary is about one person, in this case a lawyer, trying to break into brewing and another going for the Master Cicerone level of beer knowledge.

There are interviews with the usual roster: Garrett Oliver, Jim Koch, Sam Calagione and deeper cuts like Vaclav Berka from Pilsner Urquell, beer writer Randy Mosher and Cicerone Founder Ray Daniels.