Successor Needed

First, head HERE to read about Sister Doris Engelhard and the Mallersdorf Abbey brewery.

What is interesting is that in fifty years, no one else was hired? No recruitment of an assistant or assistants in all that time?

Which leads me to ponder how other breweries are planning to transition. If big enough, you can choose employee owned but many breweries just do not hit that threshold. All it would take is one unfortunate event for the whole thing to come tumbling down.

Maybe this is where a law firm specializing in small business could exploit a niche and create transition plans for breweries.

Pac 12

Deschutes Brewery is now  “Official Craft Beer of the Pac-12 Conference.” Which I see as a bit odd and a missed opportunity.

There is no university in Bend and Deschutes has locations in Portland and Virginia but not any of the PAC12 towns.

There is also the tiny issue of underage college drinking but let’s table that as separate from this discussion.

It would have been much more fun to have Deschutes partner with a brewery from Seattle, Pullman, Corvallis, Eugene, Berkley, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Boulder. Last time I checked there were breweries in those towns or at least nearby.

Next Gen Beer Cellar

Yes, we are plastic filling the ocean. Yes, climate change is real. But maybe, we can start working with the ocean instead of against it.

Instead of thinking that you are so cool to cool of your cans in the lake or river, how about THIS?


You may have seen the 2021 NBA Hall of Fame inductees announced this month (if not check HERE). But the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame also announced a partnership with the White Lion Brewing Company. The brewery will release a beer “with a commemorative collector’s label designed to capture the imagery of the Hall of Fame’s annual Enshrinement Program.”  

“The Class of 2021 will be enshrined on Saturday, September 11th at MassMutual Center in downtown Springfield.”

No Blazers entering the hallowed halls this year but when they do next, I might need to get my hands on this beer to toast them.

HopSlam a Robot

If you look for the mini-kegs of Hopslam from Bell’s, you will need to look for flying saucers and robots because the packaging has been sent out of this world…

… one of the classic craft beers.


Dogfish Head doesn’t specify which hop oils were add to the box of their latest variety pack but each one has a hop cone to smell. I think it would be even cooler to have people guess the hop as well to see who has the hop expertise.

Weinhard RIP

Weinhard has been given the ax. You can read about it HERE.

These regional brands really suffered in the transition to where we are now which is a few big conglomerates and a ton of smaller breweries underneath. The Weinhard’s of the world were stuck in a nether realm of too small and uncool to the SABInBev’s of the world while also not being small and nimble or cool to the craft sector. So they got bounced around like an NBA player during free agency.

I wish people (like myself too) could have one more bottle of the beer from its heyday before it left.

Brave Noise

OK. Two things for you beer fans to do and they are both simple.

One – Read THIS. Do not TL:DR it. Read it.

Two – Buy the beer(s) when they come out.

Beer City

One question has popped up a lot recently, what will be the first post-pandemic movie that you will sit in a movie theater and watch.

Well, I have an option for beer fans. Beer City San Diego. You can read more HERE about the documentary. You will get interviews with legends like Peter Zien of AleSmith among others.


Yikes! My aroma receptors are not the best in the world but boy would I miss the use of my middling nose because so much of beer is based around that aroma experience. And then to add insult to injury, not only would your nose be basically turned off, it could then have the dial turned to “foul odors”?

If there are beer fans out there not willing to get the vaccine, the chance that this could happen should send you sprinting to the nearest pharmacy.