Cooking on Cook

When word came that famed Oregon brewer John Harris (Dechutes, Full Sail) was selling his brewery to Great Frontier Holdings, Ecliptic and that most of the beers would be brewed elsewhere, it was a blow as Ecliptic anchored the bottom of trendy Mississippi Avenue in North East Portland.

But news dropped earlier this month (about the same time that we learned that Bagby Beer Co was making way for Green Cheek) that…..

“…Von Ebert Brewing announced it is moving into the formerly Ecliptic Brewing facility on N. Cook Street in Portland, which allows the brewery to expand production and distribution from 4,000 barrels per year to as much as 20,000 barrels per year.”

And, “John Harris is a beer institution who helped put Oregon on the map. By taking over the N. Cook. Street space, Von Ebert will be able to continue the legacy of brewing Oregon’s world-class craft beer.”

The best part of the news comes from Harris, who says, “Von Ebert Brewing makes awesome beers and I look forward to working with them to continue to produce small batch Ecliptic beers on the same equipment.”

The transition to Von Ebert Brewing should have the N. Cook Street taproom reopened this spring.


Offering up an alternative to Dry January for those who feel the need to monitor their drinks intake is an upcoming smartphone app from researchers from Lausanne University Hospital and University of Lausanne in Switzerland.  The app is called Smaart.  It uses a game template to reward users for reaching moderation and non-drinking goals.

Since it is still being trialed and not available you can also peek at Drinkaware and Drink Control, two other apps that help keep account of drinking.

Better to keep track all year than binge in December and February.

Bagby Beer to Green Cheek

In startling news, Bagby Beer Co. in Oceanside is transitioning into the southernmost Green Cheek location.

You can read the full adieu HERE but this is a big change. Oceanside is a well beer-ed city, Bagby has a large sprawling location which combined with a general craft beer downturn probably laid the groundwork for the change. A type of change that will be happening more often in 2024.

It is too bad as you will tell from today’s other post that I really liked their beers. Solid quality. On the good side of the ledger, Green Cheek is pretty solid too, can’t really quibble with them taking over.

New Address for the Party in 2024

Party Beer Co. is on the move and it is for typical reasons for an L.A. brewery. The landlord.

But do not fret. The beer will continue, brewed at Eagle Rock Brewery until they can find a new forever home. The beer will also be on tap at what will be a combo Eagle Rock – Party Beer taprrom.

It is a shame that West Adams is losing a spot for craft beer because the area is under beer-ed.

Glitter Redux

I know that the glitter beer trend has come and gone and also gotten a bit of shade thrown at it in the process but if you are still looking to fancy up your beer then you can look into well, Fancy Edible Glitter.  It is an edible glitter that has been “formulated for both food and drink”. 

Pink Boots Blend 2024

It is crazy to think that this upcoming year will only be the 7th anniversary of the now annual Pink Boots Blend of hops.  The partnership with Yakima Chief Hops creates a new “blend each year with a portion of the proceeds benefitting Pink Boots Society, the non-profit organization whose mission is to assist, inspire, and encourage women and non-binary individuals in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry to advance their careers through education. YCH will donate $3 from each pound sold of the Pink Boots Blend directly to PBS, helping them to further their mission.”

This year, “the hop varieties in the 7th Annual Pink Boots Blend were collaboratively selected by PBS members through a combination of mailed kits and in-person voting during the Great American Beer Festival. This year’s distinctive combination features a harmonious melody of HBC 638, El Dorado®, Ahtanum®, and Idaho 7®.”

Next year, you will start seeing Pink Boots beers and I highly suggest tasting as many as you can.

Open / Shut – Anchor Brewing in Stasis

Some small good news from the crappy Sapporo handling of Anchor Brewing, per the NAGBW, “At the end of September, the National Museum of American History collected the business records and other artifacts from the recently shuttered Anchor brewery to preserve and make them accessible to researchers and the public into the future. The items include tools from the brewhouse and lab, a barrel that transported steam beer to 19th-century taverns, books from Fritz Maytag’s library, and more.”

Plucking those items combined with, the pluck and zeal of former employees and the recent book about Anchor’s history will go a long way to helping unfreeze the actual Steam Beer out of carbonite. More will need to be pried out of Sapporo’s hands if a new age of Anchor is to really happen.


From a hop growing wild up in Idaho’s St. Joe River Valley, comes the now, newly named Elani hop varietal.

Per the hop growers at Yakima Hops it is “Clean and bright. Tropical-citrus and stone fruit.  Notes of pineapple, guava, lime, white peach, orange zest.”

And if you want to taste a commercial example head to a nearby BJ’s Brewhouse where Elani is featured in the seasonal Tropical Hopstorm IPA.

Hops by Hand

Earlier this month, I made the drive to Fillmore, CA and the Sow A Heart Regenerative Farm to help harvest hops. Cascade hops to be precise and it was great fun to not only feel the cones in your hand fresh off the bine but to see harvesting done pretty much by hand because even the one machine used was nothing compared to the big growers of the NW.

More will be revealed in the September Beer Paper issue coming out soon but until then a few photos to whet the appetite…

Hop field with chicken
Goat eating spent brewing grain
In go the hops