Oh Baby

Earlier this month, I became probably the last person to see Black Panther. I saw multiple strollers parked in the auditorium an had the “fortune” to be seated in front of seat kicking boys and next to a really, really young girl who had many, many questions about the movie.

Why do I bring that up on this here blog? Well, I have also seen an uptick in babies and toddlers at brewery taprooms. And despite being childless by choice, I ain’t against the little angels. What I am against are parents. Not all, just some.

(And I am not the only one, read THIS.)

If all toddlers were leashed and parents were paying close attention, I would not have a problem. But like the movie theater, the parents were there to watch the movie themselves and obviously had not instructed their offspring to shut their traps and sit quietly so said parents could do so. I don’t think many even cared if they were disrupting other people.

I don’t go to taprooms to dodge children or walk into a birthday party for the little slugger of the family. And with breweries close by (in most cases), I don’t have to. And considering that I am buying the product being sold and the kids ain’t, makes me feel like I have a bit larger say in the matter.

I would suggest, putting the parties in a space away from the other paying customers or scheduling parties for earlier in the day. At the very least, put up a sign or have an employee politely explain that baby sounds are not soothing to everyone.

And I have to agree, I can’t drink beer if someone has a poopy diaper nearby.

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  1. Parents drinking in bars and bringing young kids with them is quite common in Europe, and rarely an issue. Hopefully that becomes more standard and seamless in the U.S. Kids acting out in movies is much more problematic, since it more easily breaks focus in what’s a communal experience. Many times, parents compound the matter by bringing little kids to late shows with age inappropriate content. In both situations, parents should just use common sense.

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