Odonata Brewing

Another new (to me) brewery but not to Sacramento beer geeks is Odonata Beer Co..


Two of their newest and intriguing beers are “Water Witch, a rich, dark brown brew with red highlights. The beer recipe itself is for a Belgian Dark Strong Ale. What deviates slightly from the ‘official’ style guidelines is the maturation in red wine barrels, which lends a slightly acidic note to the finish.
Our first collaborative beer – made with the help of the Homebrew Chef, Sean Paxton! This is called Beersel, a name that pays homage to the place our yeast culture originated – in the bowels of the famed 3 Fonteinen brewery! This is a true Sour Ale, but not technically a Lambic (which is a spontaneously fermented beer) or Gueuze (lambics, blended). The grist and hopping is pretty much what the Senne Valley brewers use to make their lambics, however, with raw wheat, pale malted barley and whole flower hops aged 10 years.”