A Divine Replicant

The Arroyo Shell station in Pasadena known for their beer selection has moved into brewing with some of their favorite brewers. They released two beers last year and # 3 now has a label…

…and that ingredient list is intriguing. Especially peppers in a sour beer.

Sour Spell Check

The beer that is close to a Rare Barrel flagship is back. It is hard to spell but Ensorcelled is worth it.  It is a “Dark Sour Aged in Oak Barrels with Raspberries. This years batch is giving chocolate covered raspberries, an enchanting balance of sweet and sour.”

Smog City – Part 1 – Cherry Nerd

Cool TV show callback from Smog City Brewing with Krieks & Geeks.

Here is the description of this Cellar Series beer, “This oak-aged saison is all about fruit! Deliciously crisp, dry, and tart is the name of the game in this 5.6% beauty. Our little nod to fruity lambic beers from Belgium, we incorporated heaps of Balaton and Montmorency cherries to sweeten up and balance out the saison funk.”


Since I had such a positive reaction to the last Cascade sour that I had, I thought I should highlight another one…

The mix of lime and spice should work well.

Logical Birds

I don’t normally post about popular or whale beers but I do post quite frequently about collaborations so, here we go…

Bottle Logic and Green Cheek have joined Orange County forces for a sour meets rum experience.

“We aged Birds of Paradise in Barbadian rum barrels before steeping the liquid on a vibrant blend of dried orange and grapefruit peels to mimic the citrus-driven bitterness of the cocktail’s Aperol component. A tempering tropical sweetness of fresh pineapple alights on the palate with a peck of fresh lime juice, all culminating in an integrated-but-obvious 14% exhale.”

What Color of Peach?

I don’t normally go for the super fruited beers but this description and the two breweries starting with L.A.s own Crowns & Hops has me wanting to pick up a can…

“THE BLUE PEACH” BLUEBERRY PEACH GOSE is brewed with peach puree, blueberry puree, graham cracker, vanilla, black lava sea salt, cinnamon and coriander. This beer is a collaboration for Barrel & Flow (Pittsburgh, PA) with Black Calder Brewing Co, (Grand Rapids, MI) and brewed in honor of Stacey Abrams.Her fight to ensure the rights of all voters is an example of being a committed servant of the people.”

Colorado Mimosa

New Belgium is taking their sour program into cocktail territory with their new Dominga Mimosa Sour.

Here is the brewery description, “Inspired by bottomless sips in the sun, Dominga features tart and citrusy calamansi fruit (a hybrid of kumquat and mandarin orange), Mexican orange, and clementine in a light wheat beer blended with our wood-aged golden sour. Its sparkling citrus aroma is followed by a flash of refreshing acidity and a dry, semi-sweet finish.”

One Who Loves to Read

For each anniversary, Cellador Ales double ages a beer on stone fruit. The Year One beer (Seconds) had two sets of apricots. The Year Two beer (Tautology), was a mix of nectarines and apricots.

For the book name of Bibliophile they used Rose Diamond Nectarines and Le Grand Nectarines respectively. Each bottle comes with a tag that doubles as a book mark.

The beer is on sale today and to be tasted at their anniversary party this Saturday.