New San Diego Brewery # 2 – Gravity Heights

This new to 2019 brewery has some San Diego brewing history behind it.  Gravity Heights has Skip Virgilio on board.  That name may ring a brewing bell because he co-founded and was the original brewer at a little place called Alesmith.

The new venture is in Sorrento mesa and has a restaurant and a “lush outdoor beer garden”.  Here are the beers that I would put into an initial taster tray….

Take Two Pilsner – “rich, pale lager with a crisp, rounded finish”

Brewers Best – “session ale with crisp bitterness and rich malt character”

SMS Pale Ale (Sorrento Mesa Standard) – “crystal malt provides depth for a refreshing, hop-forward classic”

Double Overhead – “piney and resinous, chewy malt presence provide balance”

Brewers Breakfast Stout – “roasty and velvet-smooth stout with coffee and chocolate tones”